To the Editor,

In response to the latest, of many letters to the Daily Light, from Alan Fox, he seems to always position himself as “above the fray” and just wants us to all get along and thereby solve all the problems in American politics.

I see him as a Liberal who hates Trump and who thinks he knows what is good for America, and that would be a Democratic administration. I see an asterisk before each time he mentions *President Trump – guess that means he doesn’t regard him as his President. In mocking Trump, he writes – “a banter (social media) both embarrassing and well below the intellect and civility once representative government of the good people of this country” would also include the Democratic members of the Senate during their inflammatory actions that had the effect of embarrassing the nation during the confirmation hearings for Justice Kavanaugh.

In this sentence, Mr. Fox shows his bias “so we must rely on the rule of law and the process of the constitutional rules of government to run their course”, would that also apply to Democrats, specifically to Hillary Clinton? To make it worse, all this played out in front of Barack Obama who had to know what was going on. On July 5, 2016, FBI Director James Comey declared that Hillary Clinton and her aides:

*were extremely careless in their handling of very sensitive, highly classified information

*had withheld thousands of work-related emails requested by the State Department

*had in all likelihood violated statutes regarding the handling of classified information

*had used not one but multiple private servers making it difficult for the FBI to follow a Clinton jigsaw puzzle containing millions of email fragments

*should have known that an unclassified system was no place for the emails she was sending

*had left highly sensitive and classified U.S. information vulnerable to hacking by hostile foreign powers

Not only that, there is evidence that shows Comey began working on his announcements clearing Clinton well before the FBI had interviewed 17 key witnesses in the case, including top Clinton aides and Clinton herself. WHATS MORE, THE FBI gave top Clinton aides Cheryl Mill and Heather Samuelson a highly unusual immunity deal with the Obama Justice Department. All of this, and more is, as Donald Trump said, was proof of a rigged system, since there has been no indictment of Hillary Clinton.

Also, Barack Obama and his administration got away with using the IRS against political critics.

I doubt if Mr. Fox was irritated at all when President Obama stood before the American people and out and out lied that we could keep our doctors and also save 2,500 dollars a year on approving his healthcare bill. Or the Democrats, as close as here to Dallas, endorsing sanctuary cities, thumbing their noses at Federal laws. Mueller was appointed against the law that states a special prosecutor is required to state a specific charge whereas, he has an open-ended mandate with no end in sight.

What caught my eye, and why I thought I had to respond was his sanctimonious carping on the *President, and, by implication that Trump voters are idiots and un-American.

In the above, I have shown where “the rule of law” that seems so important to Mr. Fox, has not been applied equally, and will not be in the coming months.

If he would acknowledge that this is true, then he has the right to criticize.

Raymond Crone, Waxahachie