Fifteen women embarked on a trip halfway around the world on episode four of "The Bachelor."

But it was two feuding women and three dark pasts that stole the show Monday night on ABC. Red Oak-hopeful Demi Burnett was right in the middle of both.

This week's show began with Chris Harrison informing the girls that they need to pack their bags because they were off to Singapore.

Though I’m willing to bet several of the women thought it, it was Hannah G. who posed the question on most everyone’s mind: “Where is Singapore?”

Singapore, located in Southeast Asia, is where we first learned that Demi felt more-than-a-little dejected after once again not being chosen for a one-on-one date.

Instead, the first of two one-on-ones went to Taysha, a 28-year-old from Corona Del Mar, California.


As we watched the two attempt to pump each other up to jump off of a perfectly good building and plummet 1,000 feet toward the beach, I was forced to reach into my big bag of “nopes” to find enough no’s for the situation. Kudos to those of you who enjoy taking a nosedive toward the dirt but I am not one of them. Nope. Nuh-uh. Notta chance.

But because that would obviously not play well on television, the two jumped — first Underwood and then Taysha — and seemed to enjoy the experience afterward.

She then dropped what we thought was a bombshell on our bachelor, informing Underwood that she had spent the last year-plus ending a six-year relationship and marriage to her first boyfriend.

Thankfully, for Taysha’s sake, Underwood understood and was OK with the circumstances. His parents are also divorced and he shared that with Taysha before telling her to “keep smiling.”

It was, we later learned, the least explosive of three bombshells dropped Monday night.

Taysha later received a rose just before the two headed for a ride on Ferris wheel, solidifying her spot in episode five next week.

The group-date card was then read, and the bachelorettes in the room quickly realized Caelynn, the beauty queen from South Carolina currently feuding with fellow pageant competitor Hannah B. (Alabama), was destined for a one-on-one date. It was Burnett who called out the duo for jeopardizing the rest of the group’s time with Underwood. Caelynn blew off the offhand comment — but we were all thinking the same as Burnett, honestly.


Four of the women later proved that the Hannah B. vs. Caelynn feud was beginning to wear on the contestants shortly after about a dozen women embarked on a group date that began with leeches. Yes, real leeches — like the bug, not just a moocher — which most of us can safely say have never been included on any of our dates.

The highlight of the group date was Cassie, our early favorite from episode one, and Underwood sharing one heck of a smooch while secluded from the group. He even noted the “undeniable connection” between the two.

But we already knew that, dude. All he needed to do was poll Twitter.

We also saw the serious side of Demi for the first time since her journey on the show began, as she broke the news to Underwood that her mother was recently released from federal prison. She stated afterward that it “felt good” to get the news off of her chest and thoroughly appreciated his sincere reaction.

“It made me like him even more,” she said before going back to grab him for a second time on the group date.

This second one-on-one session of the group date resulted in Courtney, a 23-year-old from Atlanta, expressing her frustrations with Demi, who had taken about 30 minutes out of her group-date experience to encourage Courtney to pursue Underwood and not just wait around.

The conversation was catty, to say the least, with Courtney showing an unbecoming ugly side of her personality. Our Red Oak hopeful summed the exchange up best: “Courtney just put the ‘ass’ in ‘class.’”

Demi was right and she got the group-date rose a few minutes later.

So take that back to Hot-lanta, Courtney. Enjoy your Super Bowl traffic.


Neither, Demi or Tyasha were the only two bachelorettes who had some weight and realness to drop on this week’s show — far from it, actually.

Caelynn indeed went on the second one-on-one of the episode, being first whisked away on a shopping excursion and then having the opportunity to open up about a dark time in her past later that evening.

Caelynn detailed an evening at a fraternity party while in college that ended with her and two friends having their wine drugged. They were then sexually assaulted, only to see very few reprimands handed out to any of the assaulters. One dirtbag, however, was eventually expelled but Caelynn explained the scars are now carried with her into every relationship and encounter with a male.

There is never a “right time” for anyone to disclose a traumatic experience, especially to the degree that Taysha, Burnett and Caelynn did on Monday night’s show. But all three handled their conversations with class and grace on national television, earning much respect and sympathy, for sure.

If you or someone you know has been sexually abused, the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network (RAINN) is available 24 hours every day at 1-800-656-4673. You are not alone and help is always available.


When the show returned to the house and the rest of the group, Caelynn finally made the move we’ve all been waiting for — she asked Hannah B. for a one-on-one session.

“I think we have both been putting it off like we didn’t want to address it,” said Caelynn to begin the much-anticipated conversation.

Whomp. Whomp. Whomp.

America was not provided with the catfight that many thought would be inevitable. The two reached a common understanding, quickly made up and moved on.

The feud we did get to see continue was between Demi and Courtney.

Demi made sure to inform Underwood that Courtney was the “cancer of the house” and was then caught locking lips with Underwood when Courtney walked in on the couple.

Courtney then began to slam Demi, stating that the Red Oak native was only on the show to “play the game.” The conversation left Underwood visibly upset as he began to question his relationship with Demi.

Shortly after Demi and Courtney were reunited in the same room (and in front of the other bachelorettes), the gloves then came off and America was treated to the fallout we’d been waiting on.

Demi held her ground while Courtney continued to, well, “put the ‘ass’ in ‘class’” on national television. This cheering section is firmly in the corner of Demi at this point.

How Hannah B. received a rose during the end-of-the-show ceremony, I have no earthly idea. But, boy was it satisfying to see Courtney (along with Tracy) not receive one.

We are down to 13 women and headed to Thailand. See ya next week, America.