What do you do in a room full of women competing for the same man, while waiting for your date?

Stir the pot. At least, that's what the hopefuls did during episode three of ABC's "The Bachelor" that aired on Monday night.

After a group date that saw the women learn to act like pirates, Heather — who’s never been kissed — encourages Hannah B., a former-Miss Alabama, to tell Colton about the drama between her and former-Miss North Carolina Caelynn.

Hannah B. obliges and dishes on the Caelynn—Miss America drama, telling Colton that Caelynn brings a hostile environment and that she had to remove herself from their relationship because of it.

It's evident Colton senses the unnecessary drama as Hannah B. informs him that, if he has feelings for Caelynn, then he can’t have feelings for her.

Colton promptly takes Caelynn back for a one-on-one about the conversation with Hannah B. She tries to clear the air about the "frienemies" situation and tells the bachelor that she can’t go into detail because she had a traumatic experience, which she will disclose once the relationship gets more serious.

Hannah B.’s drama back-fired and actually resulted in Caelynn earning the group date rose.

Elyse then gets the one-on-one date that turns into a group date with kiddos at an amusement park, causing both her and Colton's faces to light up. After they played with the kids and scooped ice cream, the two escaped to the top of a roller coaster, while purposely stops at the top of the hill so Colton can tell Elyse how much of a fantastic day he's had with her.

Elyse opens up about her sister being sick and allowed Colton to read another chapter in her book, which eventually resulted in her receiving a rose. The date continues with a live country concert about love songs. They lock lips with a powerful kiss in front of musicians and a crowd of fans.

It doesn’t look like Colton can two-step, but he can dip a lady.

The girls are then schooled on what it takes to keep a marriage together on the second group date, where their strength was tested. We found out Nicole is not very athletic, while Sydney is quite flexible. Even though Nicole can’t even do one pull-up, she does the best she can to grab Colton’s attention by taking her shirt off (easy, there's a sports bra there).

During a "strongest bachelorette competition," Catherine and Sydney are bosses flipping a tire during. There is a limo pull, which seems impossible until Caitlyn does it but somehow doesn’t make the cut to the final three chosen by Terry and Rebecca Crews, who hosted the competition.

Sydney, Catherine and Oneyka make it to the final athletic round, and Onyeka outruns the others.

Later in the evening with the second group date girls, Colton stuck his tongue in Cassie’s mouth while she had him pressed up against a window. One word: hot.

We then learned that Caitlyn is not ready for a serious relationship when the only thing she can open up about up about is partying with her friends. Colton said he did not feel the chemistry and then escorted her off the show.

Nicole receives the date rose for her genuine spirit and funny attitude. She calls Colton, “Papi.”

Demi spices things up by lathering Colton with some sunscreen for a pool party. Between Colton splashing on everyone in the pool and the natural damp beach hair of all the bachelorettes, it seemed like a fun afternoon in the sun, until the Miss America drama re-erupted, once again spurred by Heather.

Is Heather innocent or playing the game?

“Manipulative, deceitful and toxic” were the words used to describe Hannah B. by Caelynn. Colton continues to go round in circles until he listens to his gut and not the two women involved.

As the roses are handed out at the conclusion of the show, we watch as Demi (our Red Oak hopeful) receives her rose.

Among the other 14 bachelorettes to receive rose is drama queen Hannah B, even after she goes on a terrible date in week two and stirs up drama. Tisk, tisk.

Things I learned from this week is how to play the game of “The Bachelor.” Demi taught me a lot because there is a balance of being all about Colton and not caring what the other girls in the mansion think. Take your time with Colton and don’t waste it by talking about the other girls in the house.