All 15 bachelorettes ventured to Singapore in week four of "The Bachelor." The bachelorettes were tested on new experiences and their attitude when it came to trying new things. And, throughout the show, some bachelorettes disclosed experiences that have made them the women they are today.

From the get-go Monday, the host of “The Bachelor,” Chris Harrison, brings up the elephant in the room — the Miss America drama. Hannah B. was able to kind of set the record straight to clear the air, but the two beauty queens hash things out later in the show.

Taysha, the 28-year-old phlebotomist from California, got the first one-on-one date.

Colton and Taysha bungee jump 1,000 feet off a platform for love. Going on a date filmed for reality television can be nerve-wracking enough. The adrenalin rush from the fall was the best way to start the date as they put all of their worries aside. The two kiss in the ocean passionately in the sunset as Taysha admits to feeling vulnerable and secure with Colton. I see a hot flame igniting.

The entire time on the season of the show, Colton expressed he wants to know what makes a person who they are and hardships are what seemed to shape people the most.

Taysha disclosed the reasoning behind her free spirit personality and the smile she is always wearing. Taysha admitted that she was married and divorced a year ago to her first love. She explained that she is a Christian woman, and the decision was not easy for her. Colton then disclosed his parents are divorced and that there’s no judgment.

Back at the mansion, an envelope arrives to reveal who will get the one-on-one date. Turns out Caelynn is the lucky girl.

Demi, the 23-year-old Red Oak local, pointed out that Caelynn and Hannah B. had both spent a lot of time with Colton in the previous episode when he tried to sort through the drama.

Caelynn and Colton ride in a class blue car to go on a shopping spree.

At the first stop, Caelynn is greeted by the designer herself and fits her in edgy, appealing clothing. Coltons dresses Caelynn in a stunning red carpet attire. Colton expressed she looked amazing in everything she put on — and she did! Caelynn arrives back to the house with a slew of shopping bags. This gesture proved Colton has excellent taste in women and style.

Caelynn blushes and shows the girls what she got. As she showcased each article of clothing, it ripped the other girls apart.

After the spotlight was off Caelynn in the dressing rooms, she and Colton have dinner where she shares that she felt safe and comfortable with him. She then disclosed she was sexually assaulted with a group of girls in the past. Colton felt her pain and mentioned he had been with a woman who felt the same pain she did and said he felt the pain too. Caelynn expressed that it is normal because the tragedy affected everyone around her.

The remainder of the show takes place with a group date in the busy streets of Singapore.

As the bachelorettes walk with Colton, each tries to steal his attention. Demi embraced her time with the bachelor as she made jokes with him and even had a piggy-back ride through culture.

Colton pulls Cassie to the side to a fortune teller that says she is Colton’s sister in a past life. This must explain the strong connection they have. Later after the group date, he expressed how comfortable she makes him feel.

Colton tested everyone’s fears on this episode, which included unusual food.

Kirpa, the 26-year-old dental hygienist from Cali, dove into the pig feet mouth first. Colton explained that he is all about his wife being spontaneous, so he dares all the women to eat eyeballs.

The bachelorettes regroup for the second part of the group date in evening attire, and Hannah B. is first to grab Colton. They get on the same page and left him with a big wet one that was mutually desired. Looks like Hannah B. is back in the saddle.

As each girl takes their time with Colton, Courtney from Atlanta started to lose her cool while she waits after 12 other women to get some time with Colton.

Once Demi scores some private time with Colton she opened up and shared that her mother was released from federal prison the week before they went to Singapore. Colton noticed it took a beautiful person to still have a great time with him along with the rest of the women on the group date. Demi requested some more time with Colton based on the positive interaction she had.

Courtney got insecure because she hadn’t gotten any time with Colton and approached Demi about her getting double time. Courtney insults Demi for being young and immature for her age when both the women are 23 years old.

Demi rocking her yellow dress — her favorite color — scored her a rose!

Hannah G., who earned the first impression rose, and Colton get to hang out one-on-one where she commits to opening up more. Afterward, she connects passionately and tastefully with Colton in a bed.

On elimination night, Caelynn pulls Hannah B. away from the other girls on. The two hash out the past and agree to support each other after they decided the experience has not made “The Bachelor” experience that enjoyable.

Hannah B. accepted the apology, and the two ladies walked out together, but far enough to know it’s still competition time.

Courtney attempted to tell Colton that Demi is there for all the wrong reasons, which is Colton’s worst nightmare. It turns out that Courtney is trying to win the game and lies about Demi. Courtney returns to the group of women and takes a poll of who thinks she is the cancer in the house. Tayshia and the other girls did not agree with that statement.

Courtney and Demi hash it. As soon as they wrap up the dispute, Chris Harrison disrupts to let the girls know it is time for the rose ceremony.

Demi, Tayshia and Cealynn are all safe from elimination; meanwhile, Hannah G. gets the first rose. Fallen bachelorettes include Courtney and Tracy the wardrobe stylist from Los Angeles.