One new business owner claims to offer a method of hormone optimization not currently available in Waxahachie or Ellis County.

Robin Fincher, the owner and operator of His and Her Testosterone, has over 14 years of experience in women’s health and, since 2012, has provided BioTE pellet therapy to patients.

She first opened a private office four years ago in Canton and has since established a Waxahachie location about four months ago. Her mission is to provide optimum care to her patients.

Waxahachie was the ideal location for a second office, noted Fincher, who has over 14 years of experience treating hormones and has been certified to offer this therapy for the past six years. She said there is a need in the area and her parents also live locally, which is a bonus.

“There were no BioTE providers in the area, and it’s certainly a large growing area, so it seemed like a perfect place to grow,” Fincher said.

She further noted that BioTE is an estrogen and testosterone therapy system, explaining "It is bio-identical which means it’s like your body’s own hormone."

The therapy treats fatigue, mental fog, aids joint pain, anxiety and depression symptoms, libido and typical menopausal symptoms.

“Really overall it can help the patient find joy again if they are feeling lethargic and you don’t enjoy things the way you used to," Fincher elaborated. "It also really helps to restore relationships back in your life.”

The BioTE comes in pellet form and is yam and soy-based. The pellet is comparable to a grain of rice in size and is inserted on a fat pad — typically on the hip — underneath the skin for the body to absorb. Fincher said the area is numbed and a small incision is made. The procedure takes three to four minutes for women and anywhere from 15 to 20 minutes for men because they receive more pellets.

“We see women as early as their 20s and 30s, but we particularly see women if they have had an early hysterectomy,” Fincher noted. “But, most of our patients are in their 40s, 50s, 60s 70s. Really anyone that that is feeling hormone depletion.”

Fincher elaborated on the health benefits of the BioTE pellet. She explained since it is bio-identical, it replaces hormones that would have been in a person’s body. Fincher compared this method of hormone optimization to creams and shots and said the pellet therapy provides a steady state of hormones into the body and does not give a “roller-coaster” effect.

“You don’t have some of the side effects like with other medications because your body is already used to these hormones,” she emphasized. “We are just getting them up to when you felt well.”

She mentioned some health benefits that help potentially protect the brain against Alzheimer’s, benefit bones, can help prevent osteoporosis and can aid the cardiovascular system as well.

“We know with other hormone therapy, there is a big concern with breast cancer; there is a much less with this and can actually protect the breast,” Fincher noted.

For women, the pellets last between four and five months and men are seen routinely every four to six months.

The first step toward BioTE pellet therapy is to schedule a consultation where the health history of the patient is reviewed, and a blood panel is taken to calculate the pellet dosing. The pellets will then be administered a week later.

For more information about BioTE pellet therapy log onto The website also includes a patient BioTE seminar with more educational material. His and Her Testosterone is located at 133 Chieftain Dr. in Waxahachie and can be reached at 972-938-0827.

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