Allen Moorman and Riley Plante remembered what it was like when they were working without a safety net. They’re now helping other businesses and employees build their own.

Moorman and Plante are partners in True Texas Benefits, a Midlothian-based insurance company that specializes in benefits packaging. Moorman stated that it had taken the two about three months to get the business off of the ground.

“We solve the two biggest problems employers face today,” Moorman stated. “The first being how to attract and retain quality employees, and the second being the rising cost of healthcare. We solve those problems for them through the solutions we provide.”

Moorman and Plante held their grand opening for True Texas Benefits on Tuesday with the Midlothian Chamber of Commerce. A former business owner himself, Moorman owned a cleaning service for five years before selling it to new ownership in 2016.

“We had about five employees,” Moorman recalled. “Nobody was becoming a millionaire, but we were making a living and helping other people making a living. We were that typical small business.”

Moorman remarked that since they were such a small business, they couldn’t offer health or dental benefits as appealing as some of the bigger companies might.

“The bigger companies have a lot more options, they have a lot more buying power, whereas the employers that have under 100 employees are typically limited or lack the expertise or knowledge to find the right solutions,” Moorman explained. “I know where a lot of small business owners were at and how they feel just from being there. Small business really get the wrong end of the stick when it comes to healthcare costs.”

Plante experienced that struggle first-hand as a construction worker in Cedar Hill. He recalled working long hours away from his wife and three children, with another child quickly on the way.

He said he handled many dangerous tasks during his time in construction. And he was utterly uninsured.

“Luckily, nothing happened to me during that time,” Plante expressed. “But if something would have happened, I would have been in big trouble financially. It would have been a huge burden on me.”

Moorman explained that their primary carrier is Colonial Life, a South Carolina-based company that offers insurance programs in 49 states. While True Texas Benefits would rely mostly on Colonial Life, Moorman stressed that they’re going to use the packages that are best for the employers and employees.

“We are typically going to use them, but we are an independent agency,” he stated. “Wherever the best solution is, that’s what we’re going to typically put in.”

As far as why they opened their business in Midlothian, Plante said he’s from the area and wanted to give his fellow Midlothianites the opportunities that he and his colleague have been given.

“We want to serve businesses,” he stated. “At the end of the day, we’re a service organization. We want to help people. We know if we help enough people in the community, help enough small business owners and help enough of their employees, then we’ll be successful.”

True Texas Benefits is located at 115 West Avenue I. To schedule an appointment or learn more about the business, call them at 469-672-6950.