A committee comprised by the Waxahachie Daily Light has proudly compiled and produced the first-ever All-Ellis County football teams as part of the first-of-its-kind countywide celebration of prep sports all-stars.

Those 80 student-athletes and three head coaches were featured on two graphics that can be found on B4-7 of Sunday's paper. They are also listed below.

The Daily Light staff first announced plans to launch the inaugural All-Ellis County high school all-star preps awards, which will include individual players- and coaches-of-the-year recipients, in late December.

This yearlong celebration of athletic achievements will culminate at the 2019 All-Ellis County All-Star Preps awards banquet to be held Tuesday evening, June 11 at the Waxahachie Civic Center. The banquet will honor the top prep athletes from 15 high schools within the county.

The banquet will also feature a keynote speaker, who the Daily Light staff will announce in the coming weeks after a contract is signed, that is a high-profile professional athlete from a Dallas-Fort Worth area team.

The All-Ellis County first- and second-team honorees will receive invitations to the banquet, as well as all of the county's state championship qualifiers in track and field, cross-country, swimming, golf, tennis and wrestling. Student-athletes and coaches will also be selected for prestigious overall awards. All of our honorees will attend complimentary thanks to our generous sponsors.

The sports from which All-Ellis County teams are selected include football, volleyball, boys’ and girls’ basketball, boys’ and girls’ soccer, baseball and softball.

The awards banquet will be open to the public and ticket information will soon be available at www.WaxahachieTX.com/Preps.

So how were the student-athletes chosen?

We first compiled a list of all players who received all-state, all-region and regional tournament awards and then sorted those student-athletes based on season statistics and nominations submitted by area coaches.

Tiebreakers came down to firsthand observations, classifications, overall team success and input from county coaches.

The first- and second-teams on offense are organized with a quarterback, running back, four skill position players, five linemen and one kicker, while the defensive teams include four defensive backs, three linebackers, four linemen and one punter.

The honorable mention list consists of players who just missed the cut for the second team.

When it was all said and done, 80 football student-athletes and three coaches found their names on the list. And there could have easily of been more added.

Broken down by high school, the 80 student-athletes honored looks like this:





—Life Waxahachie:4


—Midlothian Heritage:8




—Red Oak:16



One thing is certain: It was an excellent year for football in Ellis County.

We can not pull off something like this without the communities help. If you or your business is interested in learning more about sponsorship opportunities, please call (972) 937-3310.

The All-Ellis County football awardees include:


Lee Wiginton— Midlothian Heritage High School

Chris Ross— Red Oak High School

Ronny Crumpton— Milford High School


Landon Ledbetter— Midlothian Heritage High School

TaRon Smith— Milford High School

Damian Edwards— Ferris High School


Landon Ledbetter— Midlothian Heritage High School

Damian Edwards— Ferris High School

Langston Anderson— Midlothian Heritage High School

Jay Wilkerson— Midlothian Heritage High School

Josh Sterns— Waxahachie High School

Dre Washington— Midlothian Heritage High School

LaDarius Henderson— Waxahachie High School

Nathan Guzman— Ferris High School

Dillon Jurcik— Ennis High School

Seth Eastwood— Maypearl High School

Duane Johnson— Midlothian High School

Matt Stanton— Midlothian Heritage High School


Swinton Jackson— Red Oak High School

Jon Sanders— Midlothian Heritage High School

Zane Rider— Ennis High School

Zyaun Jones— Red Oak High School

JT Cavender— Midlothian High School

Konner Jones— Midlothian Heritage High School

Christian Connell— Ferris High School

BJ Hawkins— Waxahachie High School

Jacob Proche— Red Oak High School

Noah Parker— Midlothian Heritage High School

Hunter Smith— Red Oak High School

Ben Waddle— Palmer High School


TaRon Smith— Milford High School

James Harris— Ennis High School

Matthew Nunez— Ferris High School

JaSean Brooks— Milford High School

Austen Thomas— Midlothian High School

Ricky Pendleton— Milford High School

Marshall Hodges— Midlothian High School

Arundel Briggs— Waxahachie High School

Jaylon Washington— Red Oak High School

Kain Cooper— Red Oak High School

Christian Adams— Ennis High School

Angel Medel— Red Oak High School


Austin Hernandez— Palmer High School

Corbin Bagby— Midlothian High School

Nick Pollard— Midlothian High School

Corbin Schrotke— Milford High School

Ethan Lemley— Midlothian High School

Rayshawn Guy— Life Waxahachie High School

Preston Young— Red Oak High School

Riley Angel— Midlothian High School

Quincy Johnson— Waxahachie High School

Preston Hodge— Waxahachie High School

Damyan Woodward— Milford High School

Andrew Nava— Life Waxahachie High School


Tate Corbin— Midlothian High School

Nolan Samek— Midlothian High School

Avery Gibson— Midlothian High School

Kaleb Thompkins— Midlothian High School

Nathan Humphreys— Midlothian High School

Peter Brown— Midlothian High School

Terry Dixon— Italy High School

Cahl Horn— Italy High School

Alex Garcia— Italy High School

Dee Johnson— Red Oak High School

Zayid Aziz— Red Oak High School

CJ Palmer— Red Oak High School

Jalen Byrd— Red Oak High School

Chris Sanchez— Red Oak High School

Ameer Muhammad— Red Oak High School

Payton McClain— Red Oak High School

Colton McClain— Red Oak High School

AJ McGruder— Waxahachie High School

DJ Hollywood— Waxahachie High School

Keshawn Anderson— Waxahachie High School

Demani Richardson— Waxahachie High School

Zion Dove— Ennis High School

Dane Vernor— Ennis High School

Jordan McCray— Ennis High School

Miguel Padron— Avalon High School

Rhett Newton— Avalon High School

Gage Mayfield— Life Waxahachie High School

Sir Michael Veasley— Life Waxahachie High School

Adrian Cisneros— Palmer High School

Jay Berumen— Palmer High School

Erik Palacio— Venus High School

Chance Hawes— Venus High School