A new salon concept has been introduced to Waxahachie that allows local entrepreneurs to manage their own business without additional investments.

Salon 180° operates as a salon suite concept, which allows individual stylists to run their own studio that serves as an all-inclusive beauty shop. Each stylist holds a mini salon license that will enable them to manage their own space, services and merchandises. Salon 180° includes 11 move-in ready suites, and four are currently open.

“If you’ve had a dream of owning your own salon, there’s a lot of startup costs and initial investment involved and a lot of work,” explained property manager Jaime Eagleson. “This way, they do own their own salon, and they are their own boss, and they can also sell their own retail product.”

Kimberly Watson has been in the cosmetology industry for over 31 years and recently purchased one of the salon suites. When Watson heard about the salon suite concept, she was eager to get involved. She iterated that the salon model provides a better business opportunity compared to an open concept salon.

“The difference is that you can feel independent," Watson explained. "You don’t have to feel like a group, and when you’re with a client, you have that one-on-one feel rather when you are in a room full of people.”

Watson acknowledged that she develops relationships with her clients, which influences confidential conversations. The privacy granted is a bonus for both the client and stylist. With the strong relationships Watson establishes with her clients, she is allowed to open her suite at nontraditional hours for accommodations.

Another advantage of the salon suite concept is the stylists have the opportunity to make a profit off salon-quality products. Watson explained, in an open-concept salon, the owner or manager provides the products, and the stylist gets no benefit from those sales. On that note, Eagleson pointed out the stylists are not restricted to the brand of products used during the appointments.

“There’s nothing like owning your own business versus owning a business where you’ve got overhead other responsibilities other than your own.” When she got started at Salon 180°, there was a little fear “because you’re responsible for your own insurance, license, and a lot of different things. It was scary at first, but once you jump in and get comfortable, it all works itself out. It’s amazing.”

Margie Bray has been a client of Watson's for about seven months and expressed she loved it because of the privacy.

Salon 180° is located in the North Grove Shopping Plaza at 2801 N. Highway 77, suite 120. To set up an appointment with a professional stylist, log onto www.salon180tx.com to find contact information for each stylist. If interested in leasing out a suite, call 972-217-6199.

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