A new Lutheran community is growing at the Midlothian Conference Center thanks to the Living Faith Lutheran Church organization.

Living Faith Lutheran Church is the newest church to call Midlothian home. According to a Living Faith media release, the church is a member of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod, which is headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Senior church leader Walter Patschke said that when they looked to plant the church, they researched communities within Ellis County. He said they quickly realized that Midlothian was where they needed to be.

“In addition to its tremendous population growth and impressive strategic community planning, we saw there was no Lutheran church in Midlothian,” Patschke stated. “We knew we could fill that need.”

When they began sampling the community to see how receptive they would be to the idea of a Lutheran church, the group hosted an informational meeting and dinner last summer at the Midlothian Civic Center to determine interests. After it was determined that the city would receive it favorably, Scott Martz from Phoenix, Arizona was selected to serve as the church’s pastor, and he moved himself and his family down to Midlothian last fall.

After a few weeks embedded within the community, Martz and other members decided on a name for their new church – Living Faith.

“It’s a strong name that indicates our desire as Christians to live our faith in Jesus,” Martz stated. “It means knowing we have eternal life in Him and realizing we need to reach out and share that good news with our neighbors, grow stronger in our faith and serve our community in love.”

Living Faith only recently began hosting 10 a.m. Sunday sermons at the Conference Center. Martz said the church will look to expand sometime in the future once they establish a deeper footprint into Midlothian.

“Although Living Faith is just getting started, we already have a strong core group and anticipate continued growth as Midlothian grows and more people hear about us,” Martz stated.

The group hosts sermons 10 a.m. every Sunday at the Midlothian Civic Center, located at 1 Community Drive. To learn more about the Living Faith Lutheran Church, visit them online at www.living-faith.church.

* A previous version of this story misidentified Walter Patschke as Living Faith's senior pastor instead of senior church leader. The story has since been corrected with updated information.