Stacie Dixon’s first reaction in any time of need is to pray.

Dixon is the executive director at Common Ground Ministries, and whenever someone reaches out for help, she prays with them and for them, noted Dana Elsom, the ministry’s Board of Directors president.

“She’s the perfect example of how Jesus wants us to live our lives,” she said.

In addition to the work at Common Ground Ministries, Dixon can now call herself the first-ever Ellis County Hero in the field of religion. The award looks to recognize a church member who goes unnoticed for their day-to-day — efforts like Dixon.  

Common Ground Ministries is an after-school and summer program which focuses on fostering education, physical and spiritual growth for at-risk children. The Christian-based program is located at 604 East Parks Avenue in Waxahachie.

Dixon has been the executive director since 2008.

Elsom said Dixon goes out of her way for people. When she hears someone is in trouble, Dixon immediately wants to help.

“She is a consistent and constant light to the people that surround her,” Elsom said.

Multiple times when Dixon hears a person needs help with an electric bill she finds the funds and help or if they need groceries she goes shopping for them, she added.

“She is always willing and available,” Elsom noted.

Dixon is always a listening ear and she is always ready to pray, she said.

Dixon’s giving nature doesn’t end with her. Her parents Sonny and Kay Sides own the Waxahachie Little Pantry which offers free food for those in need.

Vanessa Washburn, who nominated Dixon, said she watches Dixon work first hand when she volunteers at Common Ground Ministries.

She agreed with Elsom and said Dixon is always ready to pray, and she shares that with the kids at the ministry.

“She takes it from just a daycare or afterschool program to a place of growth,” Washburn added.

Washburn said the kids grow in their character, integrity and their spirituality because of the work Dixon does every day.

She sees the joy in the people at Common Grounds and Washburn knows most of that joy is from Dixon.

“I know miss Stacie is of the influencers of that joy,” she said.  

Not only does she bring joy, but she makes lives around her better.

A few months ago, Washburn said she was having a tough time at home, and Dixon didn’t hesitate to help. Dixon instantly pulled Washburn aside and prayed with her and for her. She stopped everything she was doing and she was there, Washburn remembered.

Washburn isn’t the only person who appreciates the work of Dixon. She may have two children of her own, but she is like a mother to about 35 other people, Washburn said.

Dixon prays for the kids at Common Ground as Washburn has never seen before. She cares for the kids like they were her own, she said.

Washburn said Dixon goes beyond watching kids on the playground but she makes them feel loved and valued.

She speaks of the love of Jesus and calls Common Ground home. She makes it home.

Dixon wants the children to learn that they can have a relationship with God.


Samantha Douty, @SamanthaDouty