A total of 51 teams from Midlothian ISD competed in the Destination ImagInation competition for the Greater Fort Worth region in late February. Ten of those groups advanced to the state competition, including one team that hopes to defend its global title from the past two years.

Midlothian ISD students, along with 291 teams from 21 districts, collaborated with creativity on Northwest ISD campuses. Awards were given for the highest Instant Challenge score, which counts as 25 percent of their total score, and the teams who received the distinction will advance to the state competition. In most categories, only the first place team advances to state.

The state competition will take place on March 23 in Corpus Christi. Most teams that place top six in their challenge will advance to the final round of DI — the global competition.

"In addition to witnessing their amazing creativity, we get to watch students learn to problem-solve as a team, come out of their shells, take risks, and work hard to achieve goals," said MISD DI coordinator Kim Moss. "Each of these teams has worked incredibly tirelessly on their solutions, and we couldn't be happier for their successes.

Teams that advanced to the state contest included the Broadway Burritos who placed first in fine arts in the global competition last year, as well as the Pickle Unicorns that placed 19th. The Service Ninjas (formerly DI-nomyte DINOS) competed at globals the past two years and placed third in 2017 and seventh in 2018 as well. 

Walnut Grove Middle School

Pickle Unicorns — first-place and highest Instant Challenge score in the improv category

Dolores W. McClatchey Elementary

Broadway Burritos — first-place and highest Instant Challenge score in the fine arts category

SuperSonics — second-place in the engineering category

LaRue Miller Elementary

Service Ninjas — first-place and highest Instant Challenge score in the service learning category

Trying Tigers — first-place in the improv category

Curious Chameleons — first-place in the engineering category

Thunder Chickens —first-place in the science category

Mt. Peak Elementary

Wise Wizards — first-place in the fine arts category

Da Blazin' Hot Unicorns — first-place in the engineering category

Nerdy Narwhals — second-place and the highest Instant Challenge score in the science category (advanced on a wild-card bid)

"Thank you to all of the team managers and parents who have volunteered to help manage the teams for your dedication to our MISD students and this incredible program," Moss acknowledged.

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