Ellis County Marine Corps League launched its new program, Project FAITH.

Project FAITH, which stands for funding assistance in trying hours, is designed to provide immediate living assistance to veterans of all branches of the military in Ellis and neighboring counties.

This program provides veterans access to basic needs like food, clothing, shelter, transportation, medical assistance and building a mobility ramp.

“Many Veterans struggle during times of emergency or crisis. Project FAITH provides a means to enable these brave men and women — veterans of the U.S. military — to get a leg up while returning to a more productive, fulfilling life with their families after an emergency or crisis. When we help improve the lives of our veterans, we also improve the quality of life for their families, communities, and our country as a whole,” said Jack Luge, Ellis County Marine Corps League senior vice commandant.

Project FAITH is a committee-driven program. This allows the five- to seven-member committee to vote on an individual’s case — within the guidelines of the programs bylaws — without having to wait until the entire detachment is together to vote on the matter.

However, certain conditions apply which would warrant a veteran’s case to be taken before the detachment’s membership at a monthly meeting for a decision. Emergency situations are taken into account. All cases are briefed with anonymity and haste as a primary priority.

Veterans or their immediate family can apply for assistance with Project FAITH by visiting the detachment’s website and navigating to the program's webpage. Upon receipt of the online application, the Project FAITH Committee chairperson will schedule a sit-down interview with the requestor.

The chairperson must evaluate and determine the need of a veteran or their immediate family members, verify Armed Forces status of the veteran with valid documents, ask questions relevant to the need as described by the requestor, and provide the requested aid to the veteran or family if approved by the committee.

The committee chairperson will provide a response to the veteran within 72 hours informing the requester of the approval or denial of the case.

This program will only be effective with support from within the community, and beyond. Donors play a crucial role in this program because this program cannot be sustained with the detachment’s on-hand capital at any given time throughout the year.

If an individual or organization would like to provide support either monetarily or by in-kind support with goods and services, they can visit the Project FAITH webpage.

If there are any questions please contact the Ellis County Marine Corps League at info@mclelliscounty1452.org.