Midlothian ISD is ready to take the stage for the ninth annual Midlothian’s Got Talent show.

The show opens Friday night with elementary and middle school performers and continues into Saturday with high school and staff performances, noted Midlothian High choir director Matthew Fisk.

Both nights start at 6 p.m. and performances will be held at the Midlothian High School auditorium. Tickets are $5 for students and $7 for adults.

Midlothian High School is hosting the show, but anyone enrolled or working within Midlothian ISD can participate.

The elementary division has 11 participants, middle school has 14, high school has 13 and there are five staff performers, Fisk added.

“The purpose of the show is twofold,” Fisk said. “First, it is to give students in MISD the chance to audition and perform live on stage for an audience and second, it is to raise funds for choir booster scholarships.”

Profits from the show’s ticket sales will go toward the Midlothian High School choir booster club scholarship.

“At the end of each year, the Midlothian High School choir booster club awards several scholarships to deserving students who have been selected through an application process,” Fisk noted.

Fisk said there isn’t a goal amount to raise, but he hopes it is significant considering post-secondary education is expensive.

“The more we make provides more opportunities for our students,” he said. “So, the more the merrier when it comes to the amount raised.”

Acts throughout the night vary with singers, dancers, hula hoopers, bands and instrumental performances, Fisk said.

He noted that events like Midlothian’s Got Talent are important because they equip the students to grow as performers and build confidence.

“It also gives the community a place to gather and celebrate the talent of its members,” he said.

Midlothian High School principal Gary Gates agrees with Fisk sentiments.

He said this show is a chance for Midlothian ISD to showcase its talents.

“The kids come together and show their passion and interests on the stage,” he noted.

Gates’ son is in the choir, so he sees the preparation that goes into it firsthand.

A lot of planning goes into the show like finding the right day, time and rehearsing the best performance possible. It is great watching the kids mature with the show, Gates said.

“Midlothian gets incredible support when it comes to our extracurriculars,” he said.

He said it is many people should come out and support the students. Plus the proceeds go to bettering the students of Midlothian through the choir booster club scholarship, he mentioned.

Gates said as a principal it is wonderful seeing the district come together and to see the students’ talents.

“It’s kinda an opportunity to puff my chest as a school principal and say man this is what we got here at Midlothian High School,” he said.


Samantha Douty, @SamanthaDouty