The Midlothian High School student council donated about $3,300 to the Heroes of Midlothian Foundation after a week of fundraising.

Late last year, principal Gary Gates said he wanted the school to go above and beyond to raise money this year, and that’s when senior Karsen Crow stepped up.

She and other student council members organized a week of fundraising from March 22-29. During that time they raised more than $3,300 and about 2,000 students participated in the week’s events.

The week was called Panthers At Work. They hosted a spring dance, an elementary dodgeball tournament and a messy pep rally which raked in the funds, Crow said.

“The week was a huge success,” student council advisor Ali Brown said.

The messy pep rally was the for the high school students. It allowed for them to pay $2 to skip their third-period class and watch school officials get a pie in the face — which they loved, Brown said.

The elementary dodgeball tournament was great, she said. Parents made signs and went crazy with celebration. They even donated quite a bit of money.

The money that was donated from the fundraiser is being used to build ramps for local veterans in Midlothian, she said.

Heroes of Midlothian Foundation focuses on honoring and assisting soldiers, firefighters, law enforcement and other public servants in the community.

Community service is near and dear to Crow's heart which is why she felt the need to step up the way she did.

Crow oversaw every step of the week. She even had five local restaurants to help with nights dedicated to raising money.

She hopes to see that continue after she graduates and grow over the next few years.

In the past, the student council had done smaller fundraisers but nothing quite this size, Brown said. She never imagined it would be this big and raise this much money — and next year can only get bigger.

“Each year, we want it to get bigger,” she said.

She helped create a five-year plan to help the program grow over the next few years.

“This was a huge feat for us,” she said. “I dedicated my senior year to giving back to Midlothian.”


Samantha Douty, @SamanthaDouty