To the Editor,

We, in these times of governmental divisiveness unparalleled in recent memory, see how the aligning of ourselves to the singular concept of partisanship rather than to the positive overall effect of understanding and compromise, has led us to a point of governmental disfunction on all levels and the voice of the people being subservient to banners some will fly and salute exclusively.

Now, in the matter of City Council elections, we are left with deciding just what type of representation we will have going forward.

Based on positions heard at the candidate forum and read on local media, the choices we have, as presented, are one of organic concern or of imported agenda. Do we support local control or the implementation of a political concept that doesn't rely on the need of any input from Waxahachie other than the electing of a planted candidate that primarily promotes that concept as their only qualification. One that can be used as a template anywhere that does not reflect the uniqueness of where it wants to be applied. Basically, choosing the homegrown passion or the generic franchise?

The question that must be answered is will the ones we vote to have a seat on the council have a genuine apolitical concern and love for Waxahachie or just want to have a place to practice a political philosophy they get paid to represent? Will they have ability to work with the rest of the council or just be an obstacle to community wellbeing? Who will be loyal to all the citizens of Waxahachie and will be an unfiltered conduit for their concerns or one who will use the people of Waxahachie to further their personal agenda, a filter that puts achieving the goals of that agenda ahead of the goals of all of Waxahachie. Will we become confined by a polarized city council or have one to serve us? That is what is at stake.

Do we we want a council that is responsive to those who they represent and listens to the public sentiment or one that believes they should be responsible for it. Us telling them what is important to Waxahachie or them telling us? Our council used as an instrument of the freedom of self determination or one of preprogrammed representation that will determine any city business by the wants of a council member's agenda rather than the agenda decided by the good people of Waxahachie. All of us.

The great majority of us living here do so with a genuine love for Waxahachie. Please read up on the candidates and by their response, determine for yourself who has shares that. And just who are in it for themselves. Who presents which to us? Who will contribute to the long term well-being of Waxahachie or their short term personal self satisfaction before they move on to further their agenda somewhere else?Who is unique to Waxahachie or just wants to use Waxahachie to push an agenda they are chained to anywhere they can.

So we can choose to be a community in ability to further our wellbeing by common purpose or one bent on ineffectual divisiveness by choosing the selfish agenda of those using the election as an opportunistic tool. Do we add to the divisiveness? Or contribute to a positive city council? Do we take a chance on promised rhetoric or proven results?

Yes there a lot of questions.These are my observations on the election and by no way suggest the above questions should be anyone else's. Please take the time to form your own and seek your own answers. Research each candidate online and see what they will bring to the council. After all, it's your town. And your voice to be heard.

Or not.

Vote accordingly. But please vote!

Alan Fox, Waxahachie