To the Editor,

While speaking in churches across America concerning the wisdom and moral teaching of Proverbs, I hesitated from endorsing political candidates and thereby dividing my hearers. In fact, since Betty and I moved to Midlothian in 2002 I have only backed one local individual in his run for office. However, with Richard Reno I fully encourage all Midlothians to wholeheartedly vote for him as mayor.

For seventeen years I have been blessed with his friendship, from the soccer fields of Midlothian High School where our sons played sports, to meetings at Woodrow’s and to regular times of dialogue in his office on 8th Street. His insights into humanity, depth of reasoning, clever ways to present constructive ideas and determination to help people give me ample reasons to support his political run.

Personally, few men possess Richard’s combination of integrity, commitment to Christ, and love for wife and kids. He has been happily devoted to Tammy for 34 years. Together they raised their three Midlothian kids: Sarah, Sam and Will.

Professionally, I have observed Richard lead his business, Omega Airline Software, and watched him guide his staff populated by Millennials, Gen X’ers, and Baby Boomers. Through the years he demonstrates proven abilities to form and maintain a team of skilled entrepreneurs and implementers. He is imaginative. He is innovative. He consistently seeks to penetrate beyond the norm, bringing workable ideas to solve problems and move people and systems to better ways of action. Although he is local, his business is global. Over the years I have seen him work with leaders of the airline industry from Delta, United, Southwest, British Airways, Emirates, Qantas, etc. Each airline entrusts the planning of the maintenance for their fleet of aircraft to achieve optimum profitability balancing revenue potential and required maintenance cost. He has earned their trust.

Politically, Richard respects the goodness of our Midlothian history as his motto declares: “I want to make Midlothian the best run small town in Texas, no matter how big it grows.” In so doing, he seeks to lower taxes and to protect private property rights. As his track record evidences he pledges to foster healthy relationships throughout our populace while furthering the working elements of Midlothian growth.

If you are looking for a person who honors the Lord, cares about family, brings proven skills of relational and professional excellence, and truly seeks the betterment of our city then I encourage you to vote for Richard Reno.

For the furtherance of Christ,

Howard A Tryon Jr., President, Proverbial Coaching, Founder, Christian Actualism