To the Editor,

When I first moved here years ago, I met a gentleman, someone that the label more than aptly fits. Even within our first conversation, I saw that he was truly engaged in what I was saying. He was fully present. And when he spoke, it was from a genuine want to make me feel comfortable and to know that my opinion was respected while his honesty was conveyed by his soft spoken words.

Later I learned through watching his interaction with others that he is always that way. That when called upon to act for others, he does so with careful consideration and well thought out reasoning. That the responsibility he is entrusted with is an honor for him to have. And he does his best to live up to it. What he displays from his seat on our city council is that he truly understands that the seat does not belong to him to use as he pleases, to fulfill some agenda belongs to the people, all the people, of Waxahachie and through that seat has uplifted us as a community as well as each of us individually.

But you will not hear him boast. Or see him stand upon a soapbox of his own making to proclaim himself as a leader among us. He just does his job in quiet confidence and displays what makes Waxahachie great by his demeanor and the grace he conducts himself with. He is respected not by who he is but by what he is. Genuine.

A son of Waxahachie, he returned here when he could have lived anywhere. He came home to give back, to repay whatever kindness or support he was given to become successful as a player and a person. This town is better because he did. And will continue to be so by him being here.

Please join me in voting for Chuck Beatty for Waxahachie city council. For any one truly exhibits Waxahachie as a place in their heart, it is our friend Chuck Beatty.

Vote For Waxahachie! Vote for Chuck!

Alan Fox, Waxahachie