To the Editor,

Mary Lou Shipley is more than qualified to remain on our city council. Her ability to see any item that comes to her attention in its reality and what the passage or denial of any item's effect will be on the good people of Waxahachie has been very evident during her past service on our behalf. Her understanding of complex issues she must vote on are on target with the needs and wants of the citizens of our fair city.

Her professionalism guides her temperment. And most of all her being able to compromise to get results all the while maintaining her individual perspective gives our council the ability to manage growth in a positive manner. She is her own person and is not on the council to push anything but the welfare of all of Waxahachie.

We will better served by her return to the city council. She provides the stability needed to successfully negotiate the future needs of our town. A positive force, she will make us all proud that our vote will be used to add to, not to detract from, a city council that will serve us efficiently and will prove our interests are in good hands.

Vote for Mary Lou Shipley for Waxahachie city council.

Alan Fox, Waxahachie