To the Editor,

I have had the privilege of knowing Dusty Autrey for many years, as well as his extended family. I also had the honor to serve with him for one year on the WISD school board. During this period, I witnessed Dusty vote in the minority on items he did not feel like he could support because he had not been on the board long enough. I also witnessed him vote yes on issues that were controversial but did so because he believed it to be the right thing to do. Over the last 8 months, Dusty, along with the 6 other board members have hired and interim superintendent (Dr. Cain), helped open a new high school, break ground on a new Ag facility, and work out many behind the scenes staffing details. This is all from a guy who was elected board president in May of last year.

Dusty has the best interest of our kids and staff in mind and most folks, me included do not see what he does behind the scenes out of his own pocket to help those around him. One thing I like about Dusty is, what you see is what you get. This is a family trait. He is not swayed by popular opinion or what others may say. He believes in his decisions because they are based on what is best for the kids.

Please support Dusty Autrey for WISD school board.

Wess Winn, Waxahachie