To the Editor,

When I think about my elementary days, I have many vivid memories. One of those is of Mrs. Edith Finley walking through the halls at Northside. Mrs. Finley was the counselor at Northside during my time there and as she would pass by the classrooms in the open area everyone would see her. She had a command presence but was approachable for us little kids. This past fall, I, along with others reached out to Mrs. Finley and asked her to consider running for WISD school board but she was reluctant at the time. When she finally said yes, I was glad.

Mrs. Finley started in education in 1972 and has worked in all the facets (teacher, counselor, principal and administration) and when she finally retired, she volunteered at different schools during the year. when I was speaking to Mrs. Finley about working in education now as opposed to when she started, she said, “You have to love it and have a calling”. I believe by her actions she has this calling and this is why I am supporting Mrs. Edith Finley for WISD school board.

Please support Edith Finley for WISD school board.

Wess Winn, Waxahachie