The Super Sliders food truck will soon pull into a super permanent location this summer.

The food truck opened about a year ago and owner Carrie Brown said it has not taken long for the catering business to evolve into its current form.

"I've been telling [my husband] since we've been married like 'you need to use your culinary degree. You love cooking,'" she said. “We weren't in front of people like we wanted to be so we started the slider truck."

The food truck is run by the entire family including Brown, her husband and five kids. While the kids are busy at Midlothian Heritage High School or Walnut Grove Middle School, they are behind the register or helping any way they can.

Brown said they were happy with a food truck, but after seeing some the prices they were charged to park their truck, she thought she might as well get a permanent location.

"I'm paying brick-and-mortar prices," she said.

She noted that they aren’t too sure where the new location will be, but they have moved their focus to Waxahachie.

"We love Waxahachie. We love the old town feel," Brown added. "We've looked in Midlothian, but for some reason, we are drawn to Waxahachie."

The restaurant will have a super theme. Brown said she wants the location focused on families with kids which is why they want to make it a superhero-themed atmosphere.

"My husband is a superhero nut," she noted. "he loves superheroes. He's always loved superheroes."

Brown said the location will be geared toward children specifically by offering themed dress up nights and by playing superhero movies.

"We really want to aim toward kids and just fun," she said. "We really want to be fun for the community."

The family wasn’t able to be a big part of the community while in the food truck because they were traveling all over the metroplex.

"Being able to just do fun things like that and be a part of a community, those things make us really excited," Brown said.

She mentioned scheduling will be easier as well. She just has to know what time to work and close opposed to getting permits and planning travel time.

People won’t have to search their website to find out where they serve up their burgers either, Brown noted.

"My husband says we're taking the wheels off," Brown said.

However, the wheels won’t be permanently off. Brown noted the truck will be used for festivals and events.

Customer and friend Heidi Mitchell said she is looking forward to knowing where she can get burgers at all times.

She has been to the food truck about three times with each time being a fun experience.

"If you've never seen their food truck, it looks great,” she said. “I mean it stands out in a crowd."

The truck is brightly colored and has a comic book font written on the side. It looks as if it rolled right off the pages.

"It's great,” Mitchell said. “We love it cause we know they're really going to take care of their customers."

Mitchell said not only is the food wonderful, but Super Sliders has great customer service.

“You know when you get anything from them it’s going to be the best," she said. “They value you as a person and you as a customer."

She said this is a natural step for them.

"I'm so excited for them,” she mentioned. “I really hope it comes to fruition for them."

Family friend Chris Sommerfield said he and his family watched Super Sliders open as a food truck and agrees with Mitchell. A brick-and-mortar store is the next step.

"I'm excited for them, first of all,” he said. “That’s just a natural progression for them."

He said the family has a heart for the community and a physical location will help them be an even bigger part of the community. Sommerfield also can’t wait to find some great food in one spot.

"I'll know where they are every day of the week,” he added. “That makes it easier."


Samantha Douty, @SamanthaDouty