The Ellis County Commissioners Court approved an agreement between the Texas Police Chiefs Association and the Ellis County Sheriff's Office on Tuesday.

The agreement — which was unanimously approved — would allow the TPCA to visit the sheriff's office and review its program with the potential of giving it a recognized status.

According to Ellis County Sheriff Chuck Edge, 166 different metrics go into becoming recognized. He also noted that becoming a recognized agency means the department performs at a high level with all the best practices in the industry.

Edge said he has little doubt that the agency would be recognized.

The court also reviewed the possibility of partnering with Tough Mudder to bring a competition to Ellis County at TexPlex Park in Midlothian. The event would be held Sept. 21-22.

Commissioners unanimously approved to have Ellis County Judge Todd Little review a contract and discuss the potential agreement with the county's legal team.

Tough Mudder is an endurance-based competition with participants attempting a 10–to-12-mile obstacle courses.

Tough Mudder representatives hope to partner with the county and later with local chambers of commerce to help foot the bill for the event through grants.

Little said the program didn't choose Ellis County last year because it needed a partnering agency. In this instance, the county wouldn't be responsible for paying for the event; it would merely be endorsing it.

In other business, the court approved the purchase of an auto breakaway system and safety cables for road and bridges in precinct two at a total cost of about $12,000.

Precinct two commissioner Lane Grayson said this is necessary as more and more people use the roadways in Ellis County, noting it would be a good barrier between traffic and road workers.

"I know the price is steep at $12,000," he noted. "This puts 29,000 pounds of frame and structure between drivers and our public and road workers."

He explained that nearly 1,500-2,000 cars drive the road a day.

"This is where we are at in little ole Ellis County," he added. "Little ole Ellis County isn't so little ole anymore."


Samantha Douty, @SamanthaDouty