Freshman congressman Ron Wright (R-TX) announced he is running for a second term despite his lung cancer diagnosis.

I am very proud of my record – but the fight is not over. That is why I am announcing my intention to seek reelection in 2020,” the 6th District representative announced on Facebook, Aug. 28.

“From the moment I took office I have been fighting alongside President Trump to secure our border, protect our Constitution, and stop the Left from passing massive tax hikes and regulations on working families and job creators,” Wright added.

The Texas native recently wrapped up a tour of Ellis County, boasting a portfolio of things he said he has already accomplished in the House, and need to continue working on, including the H.R. 1434 bill - Education Freedom Scholarships and Opportunity Act - which he cosponsored, and the H.R. 2817 bill - Child Custody Protection Act of 2019 - which he introduced. He also blamed partisan politics for hampering progress on key issues such as immigration reform and gun control.

“You have all of these big issues, but the economy is held hostage to politics, which is really unfortunate,” Wright told a packed room during a legislative luncheon at the Midlothian Conference Center on Aug. 28 – the same day he announced his decision to seek reelection. “It’s really frustrating for a freshman… It’s frustrating because we didn’t run to not get something done, to be part of a circus, and yet we’re dealing with that circus every day.”

The congressman continues to be backed by supporters who say he is doing what he set out to.

“We also heard from him some accomplishments that have been done on our behalf and some things that he personally has carried, some legislation, so we’re very, very proud of him as our representative in Washington,” said Midlothian Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Laura Terhune after the luncheon.

Wright said he would not let lung cancer get in his way as he looks to his faith to see him through.

“With the help of medical advances, great doctors, and almighty God, the prognosis is positive,” the 66-year-old posted on Facebook, July 26. “While I would not wish the side effects on anybody, the combination of chemotherapy and immunotherapy is working. I am undergoing radiation treatments now to zap what remains."

“Since the beginning, I have been determined that the disease would not define me, and it hasn’t,” he added. “I have maintained a busy congressional schedule of constituent meetings, active committee participation, and votes in Washington as well as the important work in the district. I have no intention of slowing down.”

Wright did not disclose the type of lung cancer he is battling, but sources report it’s non-small cell lung cancer. It is the most common type of lung cancer, affecting more than eight out of every 10 lung cancer patients, according to the Lung Cancer Foundation of America.

The disease “kills almost twice as many women as breast cancer, and more than three times as many men as prostate cancer,” the Foundation summarized.

Wright already has a challenger for the 6th District seat - Democrat Stephen Daniel, a Waxahachie-based lawyer.

The District has not been represented by a Democrat since 1983.