Pro wrestling is making a return to Waxahachie, this time with an important message for fans.

Waxahachie Faith Pro Wrestling is a faith-based organization that mixes in scripture along with the turnbuckles and finishing moves. The action begins Saturday, Oct. 5 at the former Soccer Spot location at 3637 North U.S. Highway 77, with a Waxahachie Chamber of Commerce ribbon-cutting at 6 p.m. followed by bell time at 7 p.m.

“We’re using wrestling to minister to the fans,” said Jerrod Fallen, who along with main owner Ashley Reed is organizing the company. “I’ve been wrestling since 2013, and I’ve been helping with our church and the youth. I’ve always wanted to start my own company, but I’ve always wanted to use it to help minister to people. The Bible says, ‘Use what God gives you to grow the kingdom of heaven,’ so that’s basically what we’re trying to do.”

Eventually, Fallen said, wrestling matches will move to Global High, which is the former Waxahachie ISD freshman campus near Coleman Junior High. Bouts will be held in those two locations until the company finishes its brand-new building in town.

Fallen said all the storylines that the audience will see will tie in to the scriptures. At intermission someone will give a testimony; Fallen said that he has extended an invitation to Waxahachie Mayor David Hill to offer his testimony.

The shows will be family-friendly, with no vulgarity. Fallen pointed out that it’s more about the ministry than the wrestling.

“I’ve been asked by several people, are we going to have blood at these shows?” he said. “Probably not the first one, but you can’t read the Bible without seeing someone bloody. You can’t see a fight without someone getting cut or something. It’s not going to be something like the ECW days with pounds and pounds of blood everywhere.”

The initial card will revolve around a tournament for the heavyweight title for the new company, and Fallen said the brand-new custom championship belt will be displayed at the show. The first show will also hold a “casket match” with the “Chaplain of Pain” in an open challenge to all comers.

In November, wrestler Chandler Hopkins will come to Waxahachie and conduct wrestling seminars for novice wrestlers.

After the first show, Fallen said Waxahachie Faith Pro Wrestling will partner with local non-profit organizations to hold benefit wrestling cards to raise money. The company will also eventually offer wrestling lessons that will include Bible studies.

The card includes several up-and-coming names, including “Cowboy Adam” Pryor, who was trained by well-known wrestler Tim Brooks and will also be the head trainer for the company; “J-Dash,” who’s developed a Metroplex following; “Lazarus James,” who’s also well-known and is a huge wrestler at about 6-7; and Dylan Dempsey, who hails from the San Antonio area and has a number of championships there.

“I could go around and call just about any wrestler to come in and wrestle at a show, but all the guys I’m bringing in want to be a part of it because it’s more about the ministry portion than the actual wrestling,” Fallen said.

Fallen added that another long-term goal of his will be working with TV production companies so that eventually, matches can be taped and shown on Christian channels.

With lots of pro wrestling fans locally, Fallen is hopeful that his new company and ministry will be a success.

“Texas is a wrestling state,” Fallen said. “The Von Erichs made it real big around here as well as others like Tim Brooks, and Steve Borden actually lives in the Waxahachie area. I could’ve put it anywhere in Ellis County that I wanted, but I prayed about it and talked to the other owner, and I wanted to make it mainstream in Waxahachie.”