World War II Veteran Charles Atchley proudly attended the 74th reunion of the 75th Division Veteran’s Association in Arlington last month.

Surrounded by friends and his fellow veterans, the Waxahachie resident boasted his pride in being a hero of the Second World War.

At 93 years old, Atchley is still sharp and quick-witted.

“I’ve always enjoyed going to the meetings,” Atchley said. “I’ve become an important part of the organization.”

Among the association’s members are the soldiers who served in the 75th Division U.S. Army from WWII to present and their families. Atchley is a long-time member who remains very active to this day. He was only one of three WWII veterans in attendance at the reunion.

“Charles, I want to say, started coming about 2005 and he hasn’t missed one since then,” said Lt. Col. (Ret.) Robert “Bob” Samborski with a chuckle. “He's’ very passionate about it. Every year when we get ready to plan our next reunion, Charles is always involved in it.”

“Now, he’s not computer literate by any means. Everything we do with Charles has to be done through snail mail, but once he gets started on trying to help us with the reunion, he’s very passionate about it, and that’s why we reached out to him in 2016 to honor him with the Man of the Year Award,” added Samborski who serves as the organization’s secretary.

“Always be honest and help others when they need it, and help create value for our country,” was Atchley’s advice to young people when the Daily Light last spoke to him in 2017. That remains his advice today.

Sixteen million Americans served in the armed forces during WWII. Less than 500,000 of those veterans are alive today, according to the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs.