Trio of Walnut Grove faculty rushes to revive elderly woman in nick of time.

Thanks to some quick thinking by a trio of heroic Walnut Grove Middle School faculty members, a tragedy was averted at the school last weekend.

Walnut Grove principal Brian Blackwell recognized choir teacher Alison Afshari and theater teachers Eric Craddock and Jessica Lewis at Monday night’s meeting of the Midlothian ISD board of trustees. The three teachers’ actions last Friday saved the life of the 80-year-old mother of a fellow teacher.

Susan O’Rear, who teaches sixth- and seventh-grade math at Walnut Grove, was working late and her mother was with her at the school. It was around 6:30 in the evening when O’Rear’s mother suffered a seizure which was followed by a stroke.

“I watched the video, and it was difficult to watch, but she collapsed upstairs near the elevator,” Blackwell said.

O’Rear had gone into her classroom and came back out to check on her mother, and saw her lying on the floor.

“Imagine you’re alone with your mom, trying to call 911 and can’t get a signal,” Blackwell said.

O’Rear saw some kids in the hallway and got them to run for help. Luckily, Craddock, Lewis and Afshari were all in the cafeteria practicing with WGMS students for their upcoming “Aladdin” junior musical.

“Mr. Craddock immediately went outside and called 911 and was able to get hold of the dispatcher,” Blackwell said. “Mrs. Lewis took care of the kids and kept them away from the scene, and Ms. Afshari performed life-saving CPR.”

Blackwell said he spoke with paramedics, doctors and emergency room nurses at Baylor Scott & White Hospital in Dallas later that night.

“All three were in concurrence that if (Afshari) had not performed CPR, that Mrs. Moore, Ms. O’Rear’s mom, would not have survived,” he said.

Blackwell reported that Mrs. Moore is doing remarkably well and was taken off of a ventilator on Monday. She is still on oxygen but is alert and speaking.

“We’re really, really proud of our staff for what they did,” Blackwell said.

Blackwell also thanked paramedic Austin Wells, a 2011 graduate of Midlothian High School, and Baylor Scott & White ER nurse Cameron Lowery, a 2013 MHS graduate.

Blackwell also noted that Afshari had received her CPR and first aid certification through Midlothian ISD on June 11 as part of the district’s safety and security plan

“I appreciate our district for providing that for us because it can become useful at any moment, (whether) you’re at work or at a ballgame or at a restaurant,” he said.