Freshman congressman Ron Wright (R-TX-6) made his re-election bid for the 6th Congressional District seat official, Monday.

The 66-year-old filed re-election papers in-person at the Republican Party of Texas’ Austin office ahead of the March 3 primary.

“I came to Washington to fight for our shared values and to defend the policies of our President. I wish to continue that fight,” Wright posted on his Facebook campaign page – Ron Wright. “So, with prayerful consideration, today I officially filed to run again to be the representative for the 6th Congressional District of Texas. Together we can stop the impeachment charade and take real action at the border.”

The Democratic challenger, Stephen Daniel, 42, a Waxahachie-based lawyer with the Clay Jenkins & Associates firm, applied for a place on the ballot, Friday.

“Officially filed to be on the ballot,” Daniel said on his Facebook campaign page – Stephen Daniel for Congress. “Out-raised the Republican incumbent with grassroots donations (no corporate PACs). Ready to represent District 6 in D.C.”

Although a Democrat has not led the Republican stronghold since 1983, Daniel told the Daily Light in September he was confident he would see victory.

“In 2020, turnout is going to be massive among the base who are fired up to vote in the presidential election,” the tough-talking lawyer said. “I think people just want a fair shake, and just want somebody who is reasonable in office that can make good decisions for the benefit of the people. I don’t think we’re getting that now.”

Wright, on the other hand, said he was not concerned about his younger opponent.

“I understand he is a law partner of the county judge of Dallas. There’s the first black mark against him,” Wright told the Daily Light in October. “We live in a Democracy. Anybody is free to run for office. I can tell him we will be ready, and I have an excellent record for a freshman member of congress... Good luck running against that record.”