Dr. Bob “Kelly” Felty is one man who truly followed his dreams.

He had a vision concerning his future, even as a small boy. From a very young age, he knew he wanted to be a doctor. His dad was a local pharmacist in Wolfe City, Texas, where the family called home. So, naturally, his son felt a love being around medicine, mainly because the prescribed medications generally helped and healed people in his community.

So, Felty somehow wanted to go beyond what his father had achieved. That meant becoming a full-fledged medical doctor that who diagnosed the patients’ problems, and then his next step would be to refer his treatment and medicines by way of his dad, or some other licensed pharmaceutical personnel.

Felty recalls some of his fondest memories of visiting the doctor’s office as a young boy.

“I was infatuated with my doctor’s office," he said. "Not only did I love the smell of the medicines, but also I enjoyed the cleanliness of the office, the interesting equipment, and the physician’s personal instruments (or ‘tools’). To me, the entire doctor visit was always a great adventure. Now, I’m happy to say that I’ve served 30 years as a medical doctor in Ellis County, and I’m still doing what I love the most – helping others achieve healthier lives."

Felty graduated from high school in Wolfe City and then went on to Texas A&M University for his bachelor of science degree, graduating in 1988. In the years following, he was awarded a doctorate of medicine degree from University of Texas at Houston.

Felty’s place of business is known as the “Midlothian Family Medicine Clinic, P.A.” (a/k/a MFMC) and it has been located in Midlothian since 1992 (in two different locations over that period of time). Dr. Felty’s slogan has always been “Hometown Care”, and that is what you get when visiting his clinic. His specialty is family medicine. His business address is 200 Silken Crossing, Suite 201. His main phone number is: (972) 723-1185.

Even Felty's staff seem almost like family, instead of co-workers. There is Pennie Briscoe, who has been the doctor’s front desk receptionist for 28 years, even in Waxahachie before he set up his own permanent office in Midlothian. His other three nurses are Janet Moore, and the husband and wife team of Jimmy and Shannon Beaudoin. Janet and Shannon are generally the nurses who assist the doctor with his patient appointments, do lab work, conduct tests as needed, do patient charting, etc. Jimmy, on the other hand, is a nurse, too, but in addition, he acts as the office manager and is the Medicare aficionado.

Felty and his wife Mary Beth have been married for almost 34 years and they live in Waxahachie. They are the proud parents of three grown children.

The doctor’s favorite hobby is karate. He is a third-degree “black belt” champion. He also teaches karate in Waxahachie at the local YMCA.

Felty and his family enjoy traveling to Colorado often, and he also spends much of his spare time by volunteering in the community.