The dining experience for high school students in the Midlothian Independent School District is about to get a major makeover.

Aramark, the company that provides MISD’s food services, presented the MISD board of trustees recently with some new concepts for both high schools, including a food truck.

Peter Pajak, the district’s director of food services, unveiled a theme called the Rally Café that will open first at Heritage High School and later at Midlothian High School.

Pajak said the target date for opening the Rally Café at Heritage will be the end of February, or after spring break at the latest. Aramark will be taking care of all costs for the Heritage project, and the cost for MHS will depend on what tier the district decides to go with, Pajak added.

“It’s more than just a great lunch,” Pajak said. “It’s a break from your busy day and time to refuel and recharge and relax. Students should feel more engaged and hang out, and that’s what we’re hoping.”

Another thing Aramark has in the works is a custom-built food truck, which should be operational by late spring or early summer. The food truck will have a speaker system for playing music, an awning and umbrella stand.

Pajak said the truck will be operational five days a week and will visit all MISD campuses. The truck will also be available for catering opportunities and community events, he added.

“People just love food trucks,” Pajak said. “It’s going to be a great perk for the district.”

Trustee Tami Tobey raised a concern about parity between the two high schools, with Heritage rolling out the Rally Café first before MHS does. “Is there any possibility that we could create parity from the beginning and do it at both high schools?” Tobey asked.

Pajak said Heritage was chosen as a pilot project because its cafeteria at present has no real theme.

“It’s kind of a blank canvas,” he said. “That’ll be a great way to gauge participation there. We don’t have an exact target date on MHS, but that will be coming soon. It depends on how fast this goes (at Heritage) and how the process goes, because this is a pilot site.”