It is with great pride and enthusiasm that I give my full and formal endorsement for Paul Perry as Ellis County Commissioner Precinct 3. I have known Paul for close to 50 years. Paul has always been a smart and sensible voice in the community.

Paul has often been the lone voice of the people since he first took his seat on the court. He has fought for maintaining lower taxes and has been instrumental in the reduction of tax rates for the past two years. Paul was eager to support of our fight for annexation reform. He was one the first to sign our petition on that cold day in February 2017 when we kicked off our campaign.

From the time that the doors of our historic courthouse were closed to the public, Commissioner Perry worked to get our doors opened back up. In 2019 he finally won that battle.

He has effectively proposed more efficient use of labor and resources and has enhanced road and bridge repairs through the introduction of innovative materials.

Commissioner Perry was also instrumental in the live streaming (both audio and video) of the commissioner’s court meetings. Transparency has always been a major concern with him.

Another important success, Paul has led the battle to stop the dumping of human waste in Ellis County. This monster is rearing its ugly head again. We need Paul to fight against this poison being dumped on our county!

Re-electing Commissioner Perry is more important than ever before!

Louis Ponder/Midlothian