Students in the Midlothian Independent School District have the opportunity to gain college credit and earn an associate’s degree while still attending high school. This spring, the Midlothian Collegiate Scholars Academy will graduate its first class.

The district will have 29 seniors graduating from the MCSA program this spring. These seniors were the first to enroll in the program, which began in 2016 when these students entered ninth grade.

The MCSA offers eligible high-achieving MISD students an opportunity to graduate from high school with both a high school diploma and an associate’s degree from Navarro College.

Interested students should apply for admission to the MSCA program in the spring of their eighth grade year.

Admission to MCSA is competitive. The application process to become a member of the MCSA includes satisfactorily completing all MISD dual credit enrollment procedures and complying with all MCSA application procedures (available from guidance counselors) according to district and college guidelines.

Course options for enrolled students include speech and approved creative arts for freshmen; computer science, social science or foreign language for sophomores; English, math and U.S. history for juniors; and literature, government, economics and science for seniors.

Students who are accepted into MCSA follow a campus cohort model to ensure that necessary courses are available each year to complete the degree requirements. It is important for MCSA students and parents to collaborate with guidance counselors each semester to ensure that the student selects the appropriate courses for the degree/diploma.

Students may opt to attend summer classes at Navarro College in order to take other courses that meet the student’s needs, but guidance from high school counselors should be sought prior to taking summer classes at the college. MISD recommends that summer courses at Navarro not be taken until after the student completes his/her junior year.