Cooped up at home because of the coronavirus pandemic? There’s no reason to let your physical fitness go, even while being confined to your house or apartment.

Swink Athletics in Midlothian has put together a number of free online workouts for people who are in self-isolation.

Andre Jones, the owner of Swink Athletics, said his gym closed voluntarily last Tuesday, before any shutdowns were ordered, and he was looking for a way to keep members engaged during the closure. Soon, he realized that not everybody in the area were members of his gym, so the gym put together a group Facebook page for the community and is posting recorded workouts on the page with videos.

“Since then, we’ve created more than that,” Jones said. “We’ve created a free online parent or adult and kid class that’s led by one of our instructors and it’s free to the community. We offer a free yoga class once a week by one of our yoga instructors locally and we’ve also given them tips and tricks. So we’re basically filling them in with all the information we can, free to the community. So that way everybody has a way to keep their sanity.”

The workouts are available on Facebook under the name Swink Community, and also at

“We’re just trying to do our part,” Jones said. “I think there’s a lot of people out there who are kind of struggling, and we’ve talked to our members … who are struggling with accepting that this is putting a kind of kink in the things that they were doing and messing with their schedule.“

Swink Athletics is a Crossfit affiliate, but Jones says the workouts cross all areas of fitness: pushups, situps, squats, jumping squats, lunges and the like.

“We’re doing a lot of the things that most people might do especially if they’re already fit or working out,” Jones said. “I think the main thing here was for us to let the community know that just because you’re at home doesn’t mean that you can’t get fit at the same time. Equipment is not required.”

Jones has been amazed at the response. He said the members of the gym have responded well, and the community page in just a little more than a week has grown to 400 members and is still growing.

“The really cool part is we have people in Fort Worth doing these workouts and we have people all the way out of state doing these, as far away as Missouri,” he said. “We have people from all over doing these workouts that have reached out to us. That told us how much they appreciate this because I think the main thing is they feel comfortable with us telling them because we’re a small business and it’s not a corporation.”

In the meantime, Jones continues to instruct gym members with live classes via Zoom.

“Everybody has worked so hard for their progress and we didn’t want that to go away,” Jones said. “So what we did was create virtual online training. With those classes, we’re leading them through warmup, through a workout, through any strength portion and through a cooldown. In my view this is all at-home stuff, so it’s mainly all body-weight type stuff, but if they have any equipment, they can jump on that as well.”