The University Interscholastic League has ordered high school sports to be put on hold until at least early May because of the COVID-19 pandemic. But UIL executive director Dr, Charles Breithaupt has a message of appreciation and hope for all student-athletes, coaches, parents and fans.

Last Thursday, Breithaupt released a video on the UIL website and on social media to share his message.

In the video, Breithaupt took a moment to thank everyone who has been affected by the COVID-19 virus.

“I know if you’re a parent, you’re worried about your students and their lack of opportunity to compete this spring, especially you parents who have seniors who are finishing their high school careers,” Breithaupt said. “I know and realize you are anxious for them to get back into competition and we as a staff are working diligently to make that happen.”

On March 13, the UIL called a suspension of all high school extracurricular activities, including the state boys’ basketball tournament. Last week, the UIL extended the hiatus to include the entire month of April. Breithaupt, though, noted that the boys’ hoops tournament only remains in suspension and has not been canceled outright.

Breithaupt went on to laud student-athletes for their continued dedication to education and preparation for competition once the current suspensions are lifted. He also gave a shout-out to all superintendents for their continued efforts to keep activities alive.

“I thank them for providing these activities and thanking them is not enough for all the work that they (superintendents) do in the community with the faculty and staff and with the students to make sure they are receiving alternative education as well as meals in many occasions,” Breithaupt said. ”I want to thank those who support UIL, the officials of all of our activities, our judges and contact directors who do so much to make these competitions fair and fun for all involved.

“I know you’re anxious, I’m anxious for you,” he added. “Our staff is working around the clock to do all they can to make these activities alive again and as soon as schools can resume, we’ll continue the UIL competitions for the 2020 school year.”