Mirror staff report

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic causing the continued closure of Texas Department of Public Safety offices, the DPS last week began offering an alternative issuance process for Texas learner licenses, commercial learner permits and those seeking additional endorsements on their commercial driver license.

According to a news release from DPS, a driver who already has a learner license or a license restricted to driving with a licensed operator in the front seat will be able to submit documentation to DPS to have the restriction removed.

The following documentation is needed:

• A minor or adult driver education course certificate, as required for all teen drivers younger than 18 and all adult drivers younger than 25;

• An Impact Texas Driver program certificate showing completion of the distracted driving course;

• The results of a driving test completed by a third party skills test provider;

• A completed DL application; and

• A check or money order for the fee.

Due to school closures, the Verification of Enrollment will not be required for minors to complete this process.

The documents can be mailed or emailed directly to DPS. Detailed information about the process, what documents are needed and how to send them to DPS can be found online at www.dps.texas.gov/DriverLicense/LOFS.htm.

In addition, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is allowing third party skills test providers to conduct knowledge tests for individuals seeking to obtain a commercial learner permit or an endorsement on their CDL. This change is effective until June 30.

DPS is working with current CDL TPST providers to temporarily allow them to administer knowledge tests to students or employees only. This allows a student or an employee of a CDL TPST provider to take knowledge tests from their school or employer to receive a CLP or an endorsement(s) on their CDL. Instructions have been provided to all CDL TPST providers, and individuals must contact a CDL TPST provider to begin the knowledge testing process.

All other CDL applicants will still need to schedule an appointment for testing with a local DL office by emailing cdlappointments@dps.texas.gov.

For more information related to the impact of COVID-19 on DL services, visit the DPS website at www.dps.texas.gov/DriverLicense/covid-19.htm.