Ellis County resident, Dee Siddle, has been working hard during this pandemic and has crafted more than 400 face masks.

About five weeks ago, Siddle began sewing masks for community members.

“My friend was making the two piece mask, and told me they were not good at all. No one was putting a filter in them that could better the mask from 20% to 70 %. So I searched out what to use for the filter, and made a few, and said those are good,” Siddle shared.

Siddle has been inserting filters in each mask to make them more useful against COVID-19.

“The unique thing was I had filters in mine, which made them better to control the Covid. A lot of people know my reputation as a seamstress from the Farmers Market, which I have been a member of for 5 years,” Siddle said. “I also make NCW wallets, and do some craft fairs. I am a true crafter.”

After making masks for community members, Siddle was contacted by a company that asked her to make 200 face masks.

“So I stopped selling them to the public and sewed 200 mask for the company. It took me 1 week to sew the 200. I was sewing from 5 am to 8 at night, some nights. got those done, and everyone kept texting me to make more so I did,” Siddle shared.

She first began to sell the face masks for $5 before the filters became pricier.

“I started selling them for $5.00 for the filters were pretty cheap at that time. Then I ran out of filters, and ordered an expensive filter and sold the 200,” Siddle exclaimed. “Moved to 6.00. Ran out of all filter material. Now at 7.00, for I am using the very expensive filters that I line my NCW wallets with.”

Additionally, Siddle has her home business called Dee’s Simple Designs. She can be found on the ‘Vendors at Downtown Waxahachie Farmers Market’ Facebook page.