By Patty Hullett

Special to the Mirror

Midlothian Heritage senior Malachi Klor and his girlfriend, junior Ellianna Holland, had been keeping a secret for some time.

The two had planned to go to the 2020 MHHS Prom together for quite some time. Finally, on April 23, Klor took the plunge and officially asked Holland if she would let him escort her to the prom – one of the anticipated highlights of his senior year --- set for May 2.

“I had been so excited and prepared to attend the gala event, that I had actually bought my beautiful blue prom dress very early on – way back on Jan. 6,” Holland said. “So, who would have guessed that COVID-19 would take over in March and then proceed to cancel the rest of the school year’s classes and extracurricular activities entirely?”

“I realize it’s not completely terrible that I’ve had to miss some of the special ‘senior’ scheduled events slated for us Heritage High School 12-graders, but, I guess this is what I get for saying graduating isn’t a big deal,” Klor said. “It’s more difficult to think about not being able to hang out with all my friends and expecting to make memories with them, more than the activities themselves.”

“I just feel that I’m more sad that I’m missing the quality time that I should have had to spend with others at the end of my time at Heritage,” he said.

When the school announced prom was canceled, Klor admits he felt “a little relieved,” since no one would have to see him dance. But he also admits he was a little disappointed since he had promised Holland he would take her to prom.

“I had promised Ellianna that I was going to take her to prom, so I did it,” he said. “I even surprised myself by coming up with an optional game plan.”

Klor approached his parents, Scott and Kimberly Klor, about them hosting a “Home Prom” for himself and his girlfriend.

“I wanted to do this for my son because he was missing out on a lot of senior activities he had counted on for a very long time,” said Kimberly Klor.

The entire family wanted to help out where they could. The Klors’ other son, Brandon, had been away most of the year at college, but all four of their grown children pledged to join in for the home party.

So, on May 2, the date that Heritage had set for its school prom, Klor took his girl to his own “Home Prom.”

“At first, it was just going to be Ellianna and me decorating, but my older sister Saige was very disappointed in my futile attempt, so she took over completely,” Klor said.

The event included all the typical prom features: fancy lights, a delicious dinner, a decorated dessert, and a backdrop for a photo shoot with some signs that had funny sayings written on them.

Using the backdrop, Klor’s sister Jaida took some professional quality photos to document the festive party. There was also a speaker set up plugged into a cell phone for dancing after dinner.

“All-in-all, it was a very enjoyable evening,” Klor said.

“Our prom was absolutely perfect!” Holland said. “The whole family put so much time into everything and I am so appreciative. They decorated the upstairs area, and it was beautiful. The wonderful photos taken by his oldest sister were also a special added touch. His mother made us chicken Parmesan and she finished the meal with a yummy cheesecake for dessert. I seriously can’t thank Malachi and his family enough for our extraordinary night.”

As the month of May winds down, Klor says he has had a very satisfying senior year, in spite of everything that has gone on or not gone on because of the pandemic. His time at Heritage High School has been filled with good things like sports as well as being a part of the school choir and National Honor Society.

When asked about his college plans, Klor said, “Yes, I’m ready. My plan is to go to Navarro College in the fall. I hope this strategy helps me conserve money for one more year – before I dive into a larger university in the future.”

“Yes, it was fun,” Klor said, expressing gratitude to his parents and siblings for another great senior memory. “Somehow they pulled off a fantastic prom and I really appreciate their efforts.”