The Ellis County African American Hall of Fame will be hosting a three-day event, recreating Dr. King's vision of Tent City, from June 19 to June 21.

The event is in support of the poor people’s campaign that was started by Dr. Martin Luther King.

According to the about page on Poor People's campaign website, "In 1968, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and many others called for a "revolution of values" in America. They sought to build a broad, fusion movement that could unite poor and impacted communities across the country. Their name was a direct cry from the underside of history: The Poor People’s Campaign."

Dr. Jamal Rasheed, founder and president of the Ellis County African American Hall of Fame and Prince Hall Fraternal Cemetery, stated his reasoning for bringing the campaign to Ellis County.

"What happened was that Dr. King was supposed to do this that summer in ‘68 but he was assassinated in April. So Coretta King wanted to do it in his honor and it wasn’t successful," Rasheed said. "So what we’re doing we just brought the concept of what he was trying to do nationally, to Waxahachie or to Ellis County. This is the first attempt that’s been made to bring this back..because of the situation in this county."

Rasheed explained that the campaign addresses economics, education, homelessness and a series of things that have to do with poor people, not just Black people.

"Ellis County and having it done in the museum, we’re the only person I think in the country that has actually said we don’t want to do it virtually. We’re gonna do a physical ‘Tent City,’," Rasheed said. "We’re doing what King wanted us to do, which is physically doing something for people and giving them resources."

A Facebook post from Ellis County African American Hall of Fame was created to promote the event and states, "Come out and celebrate with us as we re-create Dr. King's vision of a tent city for Ellis county! There will be something fun, entertaining, and helpful to everyone."

The event promotes the resources that will be available for people that has to do with topics such as:

• Housing

• Nutrition

• Sustainable wages

• Immigration reform

• Justice for incarcerated

• Senior rights

• Child care

On Saturday, Mayor David Hill will give a proclamation at 10:30 a.m. Additionally, the event will have scheduled speakers throughout the weekend.

This event starts at 10:30 a.m., all three days.

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