Daily Light report

As the Republican National Convention meets next week under a scaled-down situation, locally elected national delegates are disappointed not to be able to attend in person.

Paul D. Perry, Ellis County Commissioner, Precinct 3, is one of the delegates who was elected to represent Republicans from Congressional District 6 at the national convention.

Perry has been busy serving the Republican Party in a variety of capacities through this strange and challenging season. Although the Republican Party of Texas had to cancel its in-person state convention last month, committee members still met together in Houston prior to the scheduled convention.

In Houston, Perry represented Senate District 22 on the platform committee, chairing the subcommittee on Business, Commerce and Transportation, as well as serving on the Criminal and Civil Justice subcommittee. In each of these subcommittees, members heard testimony from delegates from across the state and worked to fine-tune the state party platform, which outlines the basic principles and goals of the party.

Perry also was appointed to be the chairman of the Congressional District 6 caucus; the caucus is a regular part of the state convention, but it was held online —along with the rest of the convention — for the first time in history. Some of the important business that takes place during the Congressional District caucus is electing a national committee woman, national committee man, presidential elector, and national nominations committee member.

"It's been both a challenge and a privilege to serve in these difficult times and help navigate these uncharted waters," Perry said.