Baylor Healthcare System Management team, in partnership with the United Way of West Ellis County and Meals-on-Wheels, delivered meals to seniors in Waxahachie and Midlothian Friday morning.

Jay Fox, president of Baylor Medical Center at Waxahachie was on hand to encourage the team and to talk about why it’s important for them to give back to the community in this manner.

As he addressed the team, Fox thanked them for their time and support of the organization.

“Thank you for coming out today,” Fox said. “I can’t tell you how much we appreciate you supporting our United Way efforts.”

In addition to his responsibilities at Baylor, Fox is also the chairperson for the Baylor Healthcare System United Way campaign this year. He informed the group that the goal is raise more than $800,000 for both the local UWWEC and the United Ways that are in the Metroplex.

“Those groups are very dependent upon Baylor Healthcare System,” he said. “We are one of its major contributors, so coming out today to support a United Way supported organization like Meals-on-Wheels is extremely important.”

Fox said he believes after each person delivers the meals they will have a much better understanding of where their money really goes, and they will have a better understanding of the neighbors that they help and support.

“These are people who really need that extra help,” he said. “I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you all taking the time to do this. It’s very important.”

Fox said the other goal is to deliver meals more than just once a year.

“We’re going to try to do this more than just once a year, but thank you for being here today,” he said. “We have more than 132 meals to deliver in the next couple of hours, both here in Waxahachie and in Midlothian. You’re going to be driving all over the place, but you’ll get to actually see the people who are impacted by this.”

Community Development Coordinator for Meals-on-Wheels Lisa Deese said what she loves about United Way is the fact that the organization is about giving, volunteering and advocating.

“One thing you guys can do for us after delivering these meals is to go out in the community and tell our story,” Deese said addressing the management team. “Tell about the people that you’re seeing. Tell about the neighbors that probably live three doors down from you that you didn’t know need your support.”

Casey Ballard, director of UWWEC also thanked the team for being there to deliver the meals.

“We appreciate so much what Baylor does,” Ballard said. “You guys are one of our largest champions and campaign partners, and we’re so excited to get you out today on the ground and seeing the people who actually receive the benefit of your contribution.”

Ballard said it is her hope that those participating will take their experience back to the workplace and tell their colleagues about what they’ve seen, and who they were able to impact.

About Meals-on-Wheels

Meals-on-Wheels of Johnson and Ellis Counties is a community-based not-for-profit organization that serves needy elderly and disabled persons throughout Johnson and Ellis Counties. Founded in 1977, the organization currently serves nearly 3,000 homebound persons per year in a two-county service area that covers more than 1,700 square miles.

The philosophy of Meals-on-Wheels is simple. Emphasis is placed on individuals versus numbers; communities as opposed to governmental boundaries; and timely services versus waiting lists.

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