Sleigh bells ringing and the FarmGirls are singing through this busy season.  

We highly promote supporting local farmers! We encourage people to eat naturally grown, pesticide free foods and to consciously think and consider where your food has come from.    

The recent winter blast may have impaired your shopping efforts and there may be a gift list still to fill. So, consider promoting the local and fresh movement by completing your Christmas list farm-style.

For the person with a sweet tooth nothing is better than nature’s golden honey.  

For many years it has been believed to be a health benefit to eat honey produced with in a 50-mile radius from your home.  At many of the farmer’s market “Zip Code Honey” is available. With a little effort you may find that someone in your neighborhood has bee hives and sells local honey.    

Having bee hives close to the garden will increase pollination by 45% and increase harvest yields dramatically.  So, checking out and purchasing a bee keeping class for one of your gardening friends would be a great gift idea.

Homestead Heritage is a community of hard working farmers that provide a large variety of handcrafted, locally grown products.  

Travel a short distance south to Waco and plan to spend some time, not just in the gift shop, but actually watching the craftsmanship.  

From pottery, to weaving, cheese making, blacksmithing, to the grinding of the wheat to flour and the fine art of building classic wood furniture.

Repurposed products have been locally crafted from recycled materials are for purchase at The Greenery.  

Rick Wooten is not just a builder, but an artist that cleverly assembles one-of-a-kind buildings to serve as chicken coops, garden sheds and greenhouses.  

Unique garden benches are also available there from repurposed fallen pecan trees.  

These locally made benches are sturdy and beautiful and a perfect gift for someone’s landscape.   Check these beauties out for the special gardener on your list.

Gardeners do not forget that gifts can be crafted your garden’s bounty.  With just a few hours of work in the kitchen,  peppers can be candied and or pickled or made into a fine blend of chili powder.  

Tomatoes can be made into a perfect spaghetti sauce.  

Peaches can be transformed into flavorful jellies and jams.

Bundle up some fresh herb bouquet for the hostess of the Christmas party.  

Dry your rosemary, oregano, thyme and create a unique herb blend for your best friend.  Introduce the wonderful possibilities of using fresh herbs to your friends by baking up a batch of Rosemary Rounds, a shortbread made with fresh rosemary a salty, sweet and savory treat!

Don’t forget to check out the FarmGirls for great gardening gift ideas such as gardening journals, Rosies Workwear, heirloom seeds, FarmGirls Monthly Organic Program and Dripping Springs Olla clay irrigation pots.  

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