Waxahachie Firefighter Gary Myers and his wife, Carol, are hosting a yard sale this weekend to raise funds to help them complete an adoption of two children from Eastern Europe. The yard sale will run from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Friday and Saturday. The sale will take place at the couple’s home located in the Crystal Forest Estates subdivision at 3421 Mindy Lane in Midlothian.

Through the past few years, the Myers have taken part in a cultural exchange program run by New Horizons for Children, hosting the brother and sister in their home.

“We have decided to adopt the two children. We have hosted them four times and really truly fell in love with them. I have come to the realization that I can’t live without them,” Gary said. “When they are not here I miss them as much as my own son. So it is time to adopt them.”

It takes about a year or so to go through the entire adoption process, he said. They will have to make several trips to Europe to meet with adoption officials and appear in court. A home study will also be conducted and the documents will be translated and sent to the European court. During the process, they will have representation from both an American and European attorney. Costs for this adoption process is about $50,000.

Gary said Carol was adopted as a child and always had a heart for other adoptees and other orphans. After reading several articles about international adoption, she approached Gary about hosting children in their home. Since the first few trips, the Myers have gotten to know the two children and have formed a special relationship with them.

They are some of the sweetest children that anyone would ever want to meet, he said.

When they began going in the direction of adoption, Carol said they referred to it as, “Our Unexpected Adventure.”

“God led us into unknown territory two summers ago when he burdened our hearts for two orphan children from Eastern Europe,” Carol said. “We opened our hearts and home to The Dynamic Duo for five weeks the summer of 2012. As I have said before, they walked right off of the airplane and straight into our hearts. We have had the joy to ‘do life’ with them for a total of 18 weeks these past two years.”

Carol said God graciously allowed them to maintain contact with the children while they were apart from each other. Adoption is costly, but the rewards are eternal, she said.

Approximately 40 percent of the funds raised will be to cover travel expenses, the couple said.

“The children’s country requires three trips to complete the adoption. The first trip will involve staying in the country for approximately four weeks. The second and third trips are shorter in length,” she said.

In addition to the yard sale, they are selling puzzle pieces. Each piece is sold for $10 each and makes up a picture of the four of them. On the back of each piece, the name of each donor is written. The puzzle has 105 pieces and 55 are still available for purchase.

People can make donations through www.youcaring.com/adoption-fundraiser/a-future-and-hope/94478. Information about the puzzle fundraiser can be found on their fundraising Facebook page by searching for ‘A Future and A Hope for G & E.’ So far a total of $3,740 has been raised. Another fundraiser is being hosted through the Just Love Coffee Rosters website. For more information on that go to www.justlovecoffee.com/about/beneficiary/MissionLoveHope/