The city voters will have a chance to choose the candidates who will consider your wishes when making decisions about how your tax dollars are spent.  Two decisions such as rehabilitation of our sewer system or a proposed multipurpose center should NOT be made solely by the members of the council.

1. A possibility to assume debt and spend tax dollars for a three-phase sewer extension to undeveloped land, driving the cost as high as $16 - $20 million OR to choose conservatively and rehabilitate the pipes within our existing sewer system.   

2. To build, lease or cooperatively partner with other willing taxing entities on a multipurpose civic center with a price tag recently estimated by our mayor of $26 - $50 million OR to choose conservatively by spending your money on much needed street repairs.    

Vote for the candidates who will advocate for a ballot vote by you, before moving forward with speculative, multi-million dollar expenditures that are not as urgent, incurring future long-term debt. 

Place 1, Nick Robinson has been following city business for several years and currently serves on the city’s Planning & Zoning Commission.  As a local business manager, he has a wealth of knowledge with budgeting, planning and contract negotiations.  To see a more conservative member as your voice, we recommend Nick Robinson for Place 1. 

Place 3, Doug Svien continues to serve us with financial expertise that is unparalleled.  Doug combs the budget as if it were his own, exploring ways the city can save money – your money.  He serves with integrity, experience and tenacity.  Doug will continue working to reduce long-term debt and funding city employee retirement.  There is no better advocate for you than Doug.

Place 5, Rhett Harrison is one of the most conservative members on the current council.  He has upheld the promises he made when he campaigned in 2015 by voting consistently conservative. We supported him then and proudly support him today.  By voting for Rhett, you are choosing the candidate who will best guard your tax dollars.

Place 7, Sherry Zachery makes this choice an easy one to make.  A true conservative, she will not waste your time and money chasing after unaffordable projects for personal gain.  With age and maturity, comes wisdom and Sherry’s successful business ownership and the experience she brings is unmatched.  Choose wisely for your future and vote for Sherry Zachery.

It’s your money, your future and your choice. 

Mark & Keri Wallace