To the Editor,

The insanity coming out of D. C., our congress, and this current administration tops all that has come and gone in the past.

I watched some as some back-bencher Democrat from New Jersey named Frank Pallone attempted to chastise and rebuke an inquiry by the Energy and Commerce Committee into why the computer programs and systems used in the Obamacare enrollment debacle aren’t working properly.

Congressman Pallone wrongfully stated that no HIPPA information was being placed into the current application process. Congressman Pallone exhibited the malicious and immature conduct we have come to expect from the Democrat Party. Congressman Pallone called the hearing a “monkey court,” accusing Republicans of exhibiting false concern during testimony and chastising them for raising security concerns that he said were specious.

Congressman Pallone added that he believes the Republicans’ true purpose is to undermine people’s trust in the new health-care law so that it has to be delayed or repealed. No, Frankie, they are concerned people’s identity is going to be stolen. Not that Congressman Pallone cares ... remember, he is exempt from having to enroll in the debacle called Obamacare. His identity won’t be placed in cyberspace. He doesn’t care about the truth.

Well, congressman, you have to know the concerns are valid. Numerous organizations have warned that the system is open for theft of identifying information. By the way, Congressman, my name, date of birth, address, and more is certainly protected HIPPA information when applying for healthcare coverage, but I digress.

The real issue is not HIPPA, or what is does or does not protect. The issues here are the inexcusable grade school level computer systems, programs, and administration of those issues.  The issues involve the fact that the government spent over $500 million on a program that can be easily hacked to steal my identity, and hasn’t worked properly since the opening day. More importantly, the issues involve the routine methods of deception being used every day by smart mouthed arrogant and belligerent liberals like this pathetic congressional back-bencher (name credit to Mark Levin) from New Jersey.

It does no good to discuss the facts with these people. The facts are those pesky little truths and statements that interfere with their ongoing attempt to destroy our nation. The facts and truth be damned as far as the liberals are concerned. So, let’s give as good as we can take.

Hey Frankie Pallone, it is obvious to me that you are willing to sell out the American people for the socialist dream. Well good for you. I blame your constituents as they are the ones who elected you. On a personal note, let me just close by saying that whenever I witness a grown man with a pompadour hairdo having a little fit when grown men are talking it makes me wonder what happened to that man to make him act so childishly?  

Surely something has occurred in his life to cause him to tilt his head side to side while speaking like a 1980’s valley girl during his little tirade. Regardless of the reason I am demanding the return of his man card. No grown man should behave like a spoiled little brat, and no congressman should resort to name calling and little hissy fits when he doesn’t get his way. Shame on you Frankie, you’re a disgrace to your state and our nation.

Rodney Pat Ramsey,