To the Editor,

I reject it. It is false and inflamatory. We must stop being drawn into false arguments and conversations that the progressives and the people that engender conflict want.

Yes, we are being played.  An agenda of destruction is being pushed on us, instead of a reasonably defined problem that can be improved or solved. Too many individuals are beating a drum that gives them more power or pushes us closer to a desired agenda. We need to step outside of their false narratives or totally reject them. They are in fact, only individuals sharing their opinion; an opinion that only a small percentage of people accepts.

I am talking about the super-sized and politically incorrect issue of bigotry or racism that is being shoved in our faces; and the way it is being played, sets us up for blame and guilt, without any solutions.  

I do not understand why some individuals are buying into the argument and expressing outrage toward others who would be their friend and colleague. An example of which occurred recently in New York City, which left an innocent 62 year-old man, brain dead.

I want to make this very clear and invite others to join in:

I REJECT IT!  IT IS FALSE AND INFLAMMATORY!  The notion that all people of one class or another are hate-filled and racist is unfounded.  In fact, let me extend my rejection to the notion that we must accept and comply with the “collective” or “social justice” narrative.   Yes, I reject the premise of social justice!  Our creator gave us agency and holds us each individually accountable. Because of this, we are able to be challenged and achieve above our own expectations.  We are motivated by the fact that we will be held accountable whether we succeed or fail.

In the same way we give “Congress” a 2 percent favorability rating, then turn around and send most of the incumbents back to bring home our pork; we can no more blame an entire race or group, than we can fire “Congress.” (It is a word that represents many individuals and there is nothing real about it.)

It is also false to think we can achieve or progress as a society or collective.   Progress is achieved only as individuals working together, accomplishing their separate and distinct responsibilities. We seek for individual value, belonging and recognition (Maslow’s Hierarchy). These are basic human needs.

We are the greatest of all God’s creations. We exist and grow (with the guidance and assistance of parents and family) as an individual. We develop and increase our skills. We make choices and act as an individual.  

As an individual, I can learn and set goals that can help me achieve and overcome.  As an individual, I should be held accountable for my own choices and behavior. To not hold an individual accountable is to deny all reason and to ignore what is required to solve any issue. We should ask ourselves, how did we arrive at this “no fault,” type of thinking?  (It has, in fact, been slowly embedded in our society).

When you look at what you have done in your life and what you have become; you can clearly declare “I BUILT THAT!”

Never assume that any individual fits a preconceived set of characteristics or attitudes. Do not be quick to judge. Let us show the dignity and respect to each individual and celebrate our differences. We must respect one another’s individual cultures, while welcoming everyone as an important part of our community. The Bible tells us that we are one body and that all parts are needed.

We must begin building relationships and community or we will find our society ripe for SELF-DESTRUCTION.   

James B. Parker,