To the Editor,

The unintended and intended failures incurrent Federal Tax Code are sufficient grounds to support passageof HR:25 The Fair Tax Bill!

Federal government intervention has destroyed or driven many U.S.-based businesses and their related jobs to other countries. The U.S. Congress has lost control of the IRS. The Constitution means nothing to many in the U.S. House and Senate. No Constitutionally required Federal Budget has been passed in years! Vote buying by those with the money to influence elections for personal gain and further prostitution of our Representatives and Senators is rampant! The perversion of Federal Tax Code has destroyed the idea of citizen representation and “equal” taxation originally instituted by the U.S. Constitution. Most of the current Congress continues to support an IRS strangle hold on every U.S. citizen’s throat!

The past and current goals of these corrupt federal Representatives and Senators consist of talking about the same failed Federal Tax ideologies. Their goal is to stir up discord and discontent between citizens of different income levels. Unfortunately this tried and true tactic continues to divide andc onquer citizen opposition to the current failed Federal Tax Code. It is time for the citizens of the United States to wake up! We must not continue to allow our self centered thinking to divide us. The current intimidation imposed by theFederal IRS must stop! Citizens will continue to suffer under the current out of control oppressive Federal IRS until we choose to stop the abuse.

A few so called Representatives who are Members of the House Ways and Means Committee are leading in this continued perversion. Their collective decisions and control have lead to constantly increasing Federal Taxation. Representative Camp is the ring leader in these efforts. He and the other members keep HR:25 locked up in committee. He and his henchmen are responsible for stopping any substantive debate concerning HR:25 on the House floor! These controllers in Congress fear HR:25 because they know it will returnu s to a Constitutional “equal” Federal Tax System. HR:25 reinstates the original intent of the Constitutions’ “equal” requirement specified by the original wording of the U.S.Constitutions’ Article 1.

The 16th Amendment perverted the concept of citizen control as it pertains to federal powers of taxation. HR:25 is the only tax related bill before Congress that requires repealing this mistake. False pretenses were used to fool our grandparents and parents into passing the 16th Amendment. They made the mistake of trusting the federal government’s representatives. We the People are now subjected to a Federal Tax Code that serves no purpose other than lining the pockets of the snake oil salesmen in the U.S. Congress!

The current failed Federal Income Tax must be pulled out by its corrupt roots and thrown on the trash heap of failed government ideologies. Our Representatives and Senators who fail to tell the truth concerning HR:25 must be replaced! Do notmake the mistake of posting your vote in favor of a Republican or Democrat in up coming elections, both parties are responsible for our current failed Federal Tax System. Both parties promote devision between citizens. Please vote for candidates who support and will demand passage of HR:25.

There are currently 71 Members of Congress willing to tell the truth.  They are the co-sponsors of HR:25 / S:122. Don’t be fooled by the “Flat taxers!” Study our history and you will find the 16th Amendment and our current failed Federal Income Tax were both sold to our parents and grandparents as a “Flat Tax” on the top 1 percent of income earners! There can be no substantive, effective change in Federal Tax Codes without repeal of the 16th Amendment

Please don’t take my word for anything stated here. To discover the truth about our failed Federal TaxC ode and the positive attributes of HR:25, go to www.fairtax.ogr or Read the bill for yourself, it is only 131 double spaced typed pages long. Yet it totally replaces the thousands and thousands of pages making up our current failed Federal Income Tax Code!

Fred Walker,

Currie, N.C.