To the Editor,

Let’s face it, our nation is crumbling.

Almost $17 trillion in debt, reckless uncontrolled spending, a government surveilling American citizens, a government killing American citizens with drones without due process, insurance mandated on the American people (Obamacare), a government which authorized the INDEFINITE DETENTION of U.S. citizens without the God-given Constitutional right to a trial or a lawyer (the NDAA), politicians being bought and paid for by banks and corporations, a growing police state (all in the name of “security,” yet actually enslaving us), a president with a lack of regard to the U.S. Constitution, and claiming he’ll “take action with or without congress if need be” via executive order (clear violation of the separation of powers), and on and on and on.

Clearly, our nation is falling apart.

We’re losing our freedom more and more by the day. Our federal government is becoming more tyrannical by the day, and ‘We The People’ are becoming more and more less free.

I’m not saying this as a “Republican,” nor a “Democrat,” as I am neither one. This is coming from a liberty-loving American citizen with eyes opened to the truth of the current situation our nation is in.

To me, it’s quite possible that the solution to this federal government’s clear lack of concern for the U.S. Constitution, is to focus on “state” government, and to not exactly “give up” on the federal government, but to put most focus on your state’s government. The idea that the state should step in and say “NO!” to the federal government is actually a good idea to me.

So, right now, we have a candidate running for State Representative here in House District 10.

His name, is T.J. Fabby.

When talking with and listening to T.J. Fabby, I hear a man who understands the current state of this nation. A man who sees that this nation is in serious trouble, and that something must be done about it, starting right here with Texas. A man who is serious about going down to Austin to advocate and vote along the lines of “Life, Liberty, and Property” (which also happens to be his campaign motto). T.J. Fabby is a true advocate for liberty. He means what he says. T.J. is not your typical politician that puts on the fake act of caring about you and your concerns and then makes a bunch of false promises, when in reality they’re only going to serve and represent the corporations and banks that offer them money behind the scenes, and going to pad their pockets, when in Austin.

T.J. is a genuine man of God and a genuine liberty-loving everyday American like you and I, who wants to go down to Austin, team up with fellow liberty-minded individuals in the Texas House, like Rep. Jonathan Stickland and Rep. Matt Schaefer, and push back against this ever-growing, increasingly tyrannical federal government.

T.J. Fabby is the REAL deal.

I’ve known him for several years, and he means what he says.

He not only talks the talk, but he walks the walk.

You want a representative that will fight for life, liberty, and your property rights, and that actually represents YOU?

I encourage you to vote for T.J. Fabby in the March 4 Texas Primary.

I am proud to support T.J. Fabby for State Representative, and I really hope you will too.

T.J. is one of us. It’s time for freedom in Texas. It’s time for the state of Texas to say “NO!” to the downright evil, unconstitutional, immoral, and criminal laws that the federal government tries to impose upon our state. (such as: Obamacare)

Please make sure to get out to the polls this year and make your voice heard. And please ask the same of your family, friends, and neighbors.

Now is the time to restore what is rightfully ours, which is God-given. Our liberty.

Michael Glenn,