To the Editor,

This week we paid homage to the United States Marine Corps on its 238th birthday, Nov. 10, and to all veterans on the following day. On these days, we set out flags at our homes, attended parades, placed flags on the graves of fallen warriors, and held many other celebratory events.

I would suggest that all of these fall far short of the honor due to those who have served and sacrificed for our country and who continue to do so this very day. When the flags are furled, the parades ended, and the speeches concluded, what then? I would humbly offer these observations about honoring these individuals:

When we elect individuals to places of power in our governments who have no respect for our Constitution or the limits it places upon them, we dishonor those who sacrificed because of their oath to that document.

When we allow our elected officials to enact legislation and regulations that destroy our freedom and liberties won and secured for us by the sweat and blood of these veterans, we demean them.

When we show a lack of respect for the principles that made our country the greatest republic ever witnessed in human history, we diminish their efforts to preserve it.

When we fail to impress upon our children the cost of freedom and their liberties and how fragile they are so that they grow up to cherish them as did our veterans, we disappoint them.

No, my fellow Americans, if we truly want to honor those who served before and are currently serving along with the sacrifices made by their families, we will reverse the path of tyranny our country is treading and work to turn our feet back to the way of freedom and liberty as set forth in our Constitution and the founding principles contained within it. Only then will we truly honor all those who have sacrificed for us.

They deserve better! We can do better!

Frank Kuchar,

GOP Congressional candidate

Arlington, Texas