To the Editor,

As the owner of a small business, I spend too much of my time complying with new rules and regulations and seeking ways to meet them.† Some days operating my company while buried under a pile of red tape just doesnít seem to be worth it, and Iím not alone among small business owners.

Just this year the federal government has created 3,503 new regulations, and many of them affect small businesses. We need immediate regulatory reform. I bet that small business owners can help find sensible ways to meet many of the same objectives with much less red tape.

In fact, I would suggest that President Obama require his agencies to base any new regulations on input from small businesses. At the same time, he could insist that agencies determine the real cost of both new and existing regulations. In some cases, he would probably find that these regulations are doing more harm than good.

Freeing small businesses to concentrate on meeting customer needs, growing business and creating new jobs would be good for the whole country. It would particularly benefit the middle class, the very people President Obama has vowed to help in recent weeks. †

Enacting smart and sensible reforms in the regulatory process wonít even require action by Congress. This is one time the president can lead the administrative branch to have an immediate and positive impact on our economy. The most recent Obama administration Unified Agenda, the rulemaking roadmap for 2013, shows 3,500 regulations in the pipeline. More than 700 of those directly impact small businesses.

Little wonder that, with numbers like these, small business owners are reluctant to invest or hire because they donít know what expensive new rules from Washington theyíll have to pay for next. Something has to change in our regulatory system or there will soon be fewer small businesses and our economy will suffer.

Andy Ellard

Manda Machine Co., Inc. (Dallas)

NFIB/Texas Member for Sensible Regulations