To the Editor,

I have lived in Ellis County since 1999, and I have resided on a county road in Precinct 2 for almost the last nine years.During the tenure of our current county commissioner I have seen my road and other county roads become nearly impassable at times because of the size and number of potholes. After many complaints and a newspaper article our paved road was repaired by making it a gravel road. While I donít have the exact figures for the miles of paved roads that have been downgraded from paved roads to gravel roads, I know that my road is far from being an isolated example. I admit that a gravel road is a passable road, but there is something inherently unsettling about the practice of allowing paved roads to decline to the point that the only affordable alternative is to make them gravel roads. The explanation that we have received for the downgrading of our roads is budget constraints. It seems only fair to remind ourselves that the same budget constraints existed during the tenures of the previous county commissioners that maintained the roads as paved roads. It also seems only fair to be reminded that budget constraints existed when all of the county roads were paved in the first place. ?If you are a resident of Precinct 2, I urge you to vote for David Gardner as the Republican nominee for Ellis County Commissioner Precinct 2. I am urging you to do so, because it is time to make a change. We need a commissioner that has real vision, the proven ability to manage people and assets, and the heart felt desire to serve others. First, we need a commissioner with the vision to develop a long term plan to prioritize the repair and improvement of county roads. David Gardner has proven that he has such vision when as a physician in Ellis County he opened and successfully operated clinics in both Midlothian and Ennis. We also need a county commissioner with the proven ability to manage the employees, equipment, and budget of Precinct 2. Mr. Gardnerís management ability was recognized by the largest supplier of in-home health care in the nation when he was hired to be the manager of a new division for this company. Finally, we need a commissioner that has the heart felt desire to serve others, the kind of desire that makes the commissioner at once accountable to the electorate and immediately available to them. David has proven that he has this hear felt desire to serve others first as a physician and currently as a deputy sheriff. ?

John Sursa,