To the Editor,

For the last couple of days I have been watching the Senate Proceedings on the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) in Washington.  If you have not been watching … you should have been. It is just one more example of our blundering Congress going down the wrong road.

It is abundantly obvious that many federally elected officials from across this great nation of ours are completely disconnected from the desires and concerns of their constituents. How sad is that? Let me give you just ONE example. … Congress is on the verge of passing ObamaCare which the majority of Americans oppose in its present form,  including the Teamsters Union.  And worse … Congress exempted themselves from this Act while shoving it down our throats. Why voters allow elected officials who vote this way to continue to hold office is a total mystery to me. HELLO AMERICA … do we not care any more! We have allowed these people to constantly take away our rights and erode our freedoms … yet we put them back in office or elect someone of like persuasion to replace them. I don’t know about you, but I cherish my God given Constitutional rights, and I do not want them taken away.

Call it what you want, but ObamaCare is nothing but socialized medicine. If I wanted to live under socialism and government control, I would move to another country.

Please do not misunderstand me. I certainly realize there are people who need healthcare due to issues beyond their control, and I am not opposed to some type of assistance for them. There are a number of ways to address that. I am opposed to the millions of people, who by their own choice, “take advantage” of the many entitlement programs our liberal government affords them when they have other responsible choices.

The Affordable Care Act is over 2,500 pages of terrible legislation that slices away one sixth of our nation’s budget (already trillions in the red) … most of the funding coming from cuts to the Medicare program. SENIOR CITIZENS … YOU NEED TO SPEAK UP! The supporters of this legislation that say “this will not cost the tax payers anything” are blatantly lying! Nothing is “free.” Somebody pays!

It is amazing to me that our Congress has gotten to this point … possibly shutting down the government … without working out some kind of compromise regarding this piece of legislation.  I refuse to accept as fact, partisanship and politics aside, that this cannot be accomplished and the will of the people acknowledged. It is my understanding in listening to the Senate proceedings that 85 percent of ObamaCare is “Mandatory Spending,” which means this program will continue … even if the government shuts down! So why are they arguing over funding for the other 15 percent  instead of trying to work together to delay in part or whole the provisions of this Act? The President has already delayed parts of the Act. I believe it is called “jockeying for political position.” These folks need to remember that the people of this country come first … and politics later.

Again, if you haven’t already … you need to be watching your elected officials … either on TV, the Internet, or other media source … check voting records … get involved … let your voice be heard. And don’t forget a very  important point ... ONE VOTE has made the difference in many an election. Let’s bring back a government of, by and for the PEOPLE.

Maurice Osborn,